AdVision Recon App Review and Bonus

AdVision Recon Logo SmallProduct: AdVision Recon App
Type: Chrome Browser Extension
Price: $19.95-$39.95
Creator: Jacob Wilson
Summary: AdVision Recon App is a Chrome browser Extension tool to uncover “hidden” image tags that Facebook is using to recognize and classify/tag images. By using only the proper images that are recognized by Facebook yourself inside Facebook, you can now improve your organic reach (free Traffic) and/or improve your FB ads relevance score, resulting in lower ad costs and higher ROI on your ads.

Reveal Secret Facebook Image Algorithm Tags

What is AdVision Recon App?

AdVision Recon App is a Chrome browser Extension tool to uncover “hidden” image tags that Facebook is using to recognize and classify/tag images.

How does the Advision Recon App work?

You only have to install the Chrome Browser extension once. From that moment, the tool recognizes all images inside Facebook that are tagged by Facebook’s recognition API.

For each recognized image, a small icon shows up on the upper right corner of the image. Now, you can click on that icon to see what the tags are. As you can see in the example below…

AdVision Recon Example

(Side note: the images above appeared on my timeline and are 3 pictures of Richard G. Lewis (taken while he was visiting Lego Land). Richard is a well-known copywriter whose products I like – check out my review about Psycho Profits, a copywriting course)

Why is it important to know whether Facebook can recognize an image and which tags that image has been given?

As you know, Facebook measures everything about the engagement (likes, shares, and comments) that a picture get.

And if Facebook knows what’s inside a picture, it can combine and use this information in its (Posting and Advertising) Algorithms.

Hence, as a result “recognized” images will be especially shown to people who are reacting/engaging to similar images…

just because these images are proven to be more relevant for that audience…

Think about that for a second…

If you can use images with proper and relevant tags, then you’ll improve your “relevance score” for both free regular posts and for paid FB ads!

And as you know, the more relevant your post and ads, the more free traffic, the lower your ad costs, and the higher your ROI.

Why are not all images tagged by Facebook?

The Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Team is trying to improve their “Image Recognition AI Software” all the time and even opened it up as open source for other developers.

And although it is progressing, the Image Recognition AI Software doesn’t recognize all images.

It has only a small database yet “with approved recognition labels”, and this technology is still in its early phase.

For example the software recognizes People (the number of people, people standing/sitting/smiling, people playing sport), but it doesn’t recognize yet all the different sports (it often recognizes football and baseball).

Also, it recognizes Common Objects (as Screen, Phone, Sunglasses), Scenes (indoor, outdoor, sky, night), and faces (smile, beard, child, baby), but it can’t yet recognize more advanced object or facial gestures.

However, it’s Artificial Intelligence, hence the software learns from itself by using more and more data.

It’s even expected that video will be tagged in near future by the same AI software!

Also the Advision Recon app won’t show the image tag details for promoted posts (i.e. Facebook ads) because these details are not publicly accessible via Facebook’s API.

How to use AdVision Recon for the best results?

The best way to use AdVision Recon is to test an image and find out how Facebook will tag it before you definitely publish your post or ad.

You can do that by posting the image on your timeline (and for publication choose the “only me option”) or create a dark post ad with the image you want to test (and preview the ad/image before publishing).

In both cases, the AdVision Recon app will “immediately” show the tags (sometimes you have to refresh the page for faster results). And (of course) you can delete the image (or full dark post ad concept) after testing.

This way you can test any image you want…

Even for (copyright free) images that other people are using inside their promoted posts.


Just take a screenshot of the image you want to use, save it, and test the image inside your timeline (or dark post ad concept) as described above.

Of course, your goal is to only post images, video thumbnails, or use images inside your FB ads that have the proper image tags (or at least no wrong/bad tags).

Of course, you can combine images. For example, if you are selling a photography course, you can use an image of a camera (proper tagged) together with your course image (with no image tags). This way you’ll have at least one proper tag (the camera tag).

Or use proper tagged images as background.

Furthermore, if your image only has a “text” label, it’s better that you won’t use that image for your Facebook ad. Although, Facebook allows you now to use more than 20% text on your image, you still will be “penalized” with higher ad costs.

To solve this, either shrink the image text all the way down until it isn’t labeled anymore with “text”, or shrink it just below the 20% mark.

Also, I’m sure Facebook does use their image recognition software (internally) for image ad approval and to detect rude or TOS violating images (as nude images).

And I’ve noticed that FB ads with tagged images are approved sooner (often immediately).

So, you better be sure that you’ll use proper tagged images inside your FB advertising campaigns.

Finally, although Facebook isn’t using the AI Recognition Software for videos yet, they maybe use it already for the video thumbnails!

So, be sure to use video thumbnails with the proper image tags.

Maybe, it’s not perfectly clear to you how to take the best advance of AdVision Recon, but inside the members area, there are several tutorial videos and PDFs how to use the AdVision Recon App for the best results.

Believe me, it’s worth your time to find out how Facebook labels “your” images.

Are there any shortcomings of AdVision Recon?

I think the sales page is very unclear about what you’ll get and how the AdVision Recon app works. But I hope you’ll have now enough information in this review to know whether you want to buy this tool or not.

The video tutorials and PDFs inside the members area do give adequate information how to use the app. Also you’ll get access to a Facebook Group where you can ask your questions.

The browser extension itself works fine. It can be installed with 2 clicks and will be up and running forever in theory. However, I noticed that I sometimes had to restart Chrome to get it working again – no big deal, but if this happens, you now know what to do 😉

The current handicap is twofold (as described above):

  1. Not all images will be recognized by the AI Recognition software.
  2. The AdVision Recon app won’t show you the tags used in images used inside other people’s sponsored posts (because this isn’t public available information).

Both are no shortcomings of the application, but external determined.

Ad 1, I’m sure this technology will improve the coming months and the software will recognize more and more images and label them with more detailed category labels.

Ad 2, with a little work-around (take screenshot and use image inside your own Timeline) you still can get the necessary image tag information.

So overall, I really like this tool and the benefits will only increase in the near future.

Why should you buy AdVision Recon App?

Because with the Advision Recon App you can analyze which images Facebook can recognize and label with tags. By using this knowledge and using images with proper tags that are relevant for your audiences, you can improve your relevance score for both your regular (free) posts and ad posts. Hence a great way to get more organic (free) traffic, higher engagement, lower ad costs and a higher return on your FB ad campaigns.


During this special introduction launch, you can get access to AdVision Recon App for a one-time fee of just $19.95+ for the core App plus core video training modules.

For about 5 bucks more, you can get choose for the Instant Upgrade Option #1 where you’ll also get “The Ad Hacker GFX Package” (Stock Image Bundle).

Or you can choose for the Instant Upgrade Option #2 ($39.95+) where you get Upgrade #1 plus the 6 FIGURE FB Ads Training.

Inside this video training, Jacob Wilson shows his case study how he made $196K in sales within a month by selling a simple FREE physical product (where he was only charging for Shipping fees!)

He shows you everything he did with lots of detail and real look inside his ad campaigns and he shows his landing page and complete funnel that made him over $300K in sales. This detailed training alone is worth your money! So go for option 2, you won’t be disappointed.

However, prices are on dimesale. So, don’t wait and crab your discount now.

And there are no upsells, just select your preferred package.

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