Affiliate Link Check

As I discuss/promote products that are sold via different affiliate platforms with different systems, it depends on each individual affiliate platform How to check whether you are using my affiliate link?

The good part… all platforms use a Checkout Page to order your products. (You know the page that’s opened after you click on a buy button on the sales page, and where you have to enter some of your details). It’s on this checkout page (not on the sales page) where you can test if you are using my affiliate ID (or the one from someone else).

In general, if you don’t see my affiliate ID, clear your cookies and click on my affiliate link again.

Below the different ways for each platform to test whether you’ll use my affiliate ID:

  • JVZoo
  • Zaxaa
  • JVShare
  • PayKickStart
  • ThriveCart
  • Clickbank
  • WarriorPlus
  • SamCart

For purchases via the JVZoo platform, my affiliate ID is 60631. On every checkout page in the “Terms of Sales” section, you can check whether you see my affiliate ID as in the image below:

JVZoo Checkout Page Example

What if you won’t see a number or see another number than 60631?

Just add this string at the end of the JVZoo checkout page: ?aid=60631 and refresh your page once or twice until you see 60631 as my affiliate ID on the checkout page.

After you have purchased a product via JVZoo, you can access it via your Purchase Portal. Just click on the green button “View Details” and you’ll see all “Your Purchase Details” including info about the affiliate who got “the credits” for this purchase. See the example below:

JVZoo Receipt detail example

For purchases via the Zaxaa plafform, check out if you’ll see my affiliate ID next at the bottom of the checkout page as in this example:

Zaxaa Affiliate ID

For purchases via the JVShare plafform, check out if you’ll see my affiliate ID 9d73be28 in the middle of the Purchase Terms as specific section on the checkout page as in this example:

JVShare Checkout Example

For purchases via PayKickStart, check out if you’ll see #aid=3094 at the end in the URL of the checkout page, like this example:

or in case of a coupon code inside the URL, the URL looks like this: (where 40offblack is the used coupon code).

If you’ll see another aid then 3094, just replace it with 3094 in the URL and refresh the page!

For purchases via the ThriveCart plafform, check out if you’ll see Affiliate: next at the bottom of the checkout page as in this example:

ThriveCart Affiliate Link

For purchases via the Clickbank platform, check out if you’ll see [ affiliate = nextc ] at the bottom of the checkout page as in this example:

Clickbank Checkout Page bottom

For purchases via the WarriorPlus platform or SamCart, there is no way to check if you’ll use my affiliate link. So the best thing to do is refresh your cookies and then click on my affiliate link.

If in doubt, send an email to [email protected] and I will send you a direct link to the checkout page with my affiliate link.

P.S. Read my review about SamCart vs ThriveCart vs PayKickStart to see what’s the best checkout page app with built in affiliate platform!

P.S.S. Don’t forget to claim your bonuses, go to this link to see how to claim your bonuses and bonus FAQ.