ClickMSG Review and Bonus [+Coupon]

ClickMSG LogoProduct: ClickMSG
Type: Web-based Software
Price: $37.00
Creators: Brad Stephens & Cyril Jeet
ClickMSG a web based app to take full advantage of Facebook’s new advertising possibility to directly show a personal Facebook Message after your lead clicks on your ad. Use ClicksMSG to promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else you want. Easily add an image, headline, subheadline, and CTA. Or start a Messenger conversation or question. This is the only to create structured graphical Messenger ads without needing JSON code knowledge.

New Facebook Advertising technique:
Communicate directly inside Facebook’s Messenger App

ClickMSG Review and Bonus

What is ClickMSG?

ClickMSG a web based app to take full advantage of Facebook’s new advertising possibility to directly show a personal Facebook Message after your lead clicks on your ad.

Although you can create simple text messages yourself, to get the most out of this new advertising technique, you probably want to create highly engaging structured messages…

Messages with image, call to action, and/or even reply options.

Unfortunately, you can only create these structured messages by using JSON scripts (or hire an expensive developer to write them for you).

To solve this problem, ClickMSG lets you easily setup your message and converts it for you into JSON script that you can copy and paste inside Facebook Ads Manager.

So by using ClickMSG, you can literally create a personal message on Facebook with anything you want.

You can add an image, headline, subheadline, CTA (for clicks to your website or start Messenger conversation) or question with 2 reply options.

Use ClicksMSG to promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else you want.

This is the ONLY WAY to create graphical Messenger ads!

How can you use these kind of new ads?

Well, either to show your message in a more personalized or engaging style.

Or to start up a conversation inside Facebook Messenger!

And while your leads “stay on Facebook”, your ad costs will probably be lower in comparison to website click ads (when you send people outside Facebook).

And your message will be open/seen by your prospect inside his Message Box until (s)he closes the message (and message will always be archived).

This is a great advantage above a regular ad, where your message/ad disappears after the prospect clicks on your ad.

ClickMSG Example

Main features of ClickMSG

  • Web-based App accessible from any device with internet connection.
  • Easy to use dashboard with live Message preview.
  • Generates Facebook Compatible structured messages (JSON script) that you can copy and paste into FB Ad Manager.
  • Easy editing feature if you want to change your message.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No risk of account getting banned.

Watch the full demo of the creator himself, Brad Stephens:

Tip: use the same image and headline in your ad as in your Facebook message. This way your ad and message are congruent and people get what they expected after clicking on the ad.

Are there any shortcomings?

The app is brand new, but I didn’t find any major shortcomings.

The software does exactly what it supposes to do, it creates your structured Facebook Message (with live preview). You can save your message (to edit it later) and use the JSON code to copy/paste it into Facebook’s Ad Manager.

Besides the fact that your message will be open/seen by your prospect inside his Message Box until (s)he closes the message, for me the most interesting part is that you can start a conversation with your new leads in Facebook Messenger.

However, if you start a conversation, you have to follow-up as well.

Hence it depends on your business (products and offers) and how you want to communicate with your leads, whether this new Facebook advertising technique suits your business.

If you have a product where you first have to build kind of report with your customers (f.e. high-end consultancy), ClickMSG is a no-brainer.

On the other hand, if you promote a product with impulsive buy character (low cost item), you probably won’t need an extra step between your ad and your sales page.

Why should you buy ClickMSG?

Because it’s the only app on the market right now that lets you easily create structured (JSON) Facebook messages for your Facebook Messenger ad campaigns. No technical experience needed. Anyone can use this app. With ClickMSG you’ll probably save on your ad costs because your leads will stay on the Facebook platform. Finally, it’s an awesome way to start a conversation with new leads.

And you can get ClickMSG now for a very affordable…


During the special launch, you can get ClickMSG for a one-time payment of just $47.00.

Last Day Coupon: if you’ll use this coupon code: closing5 on the checkout page you get a $5.00 discount.

Price will increase to $97.00 on January 11th at Midnight EST.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsell or OTO?

ClickMSG Funnel

As first upsell, you can buy MSGHero ($67.00). With this app you can automatically reply (send a personal Facebook Message) to anyone who comments on your Facebook posts. Huge time-saver and must have app!

As second upsell, you can get AdsViser 2.0 ($67.00). A great app to spy on other people’s Facebook ad campaigns. (Read my full review)

As third upsell, you can get ClickMSG Agency ($67.00). Now you can use ClickMSG for ad campaigns for your clients and charge them any (monthly) fee you want for your services.

As final upsell, you can obtain the ClickMSG White Label Rights. Either you can choose for the White Label Rights with source code ($297.00) where you can adjust the software as you want. Or choose the WL Rights without source code ($197.00). Now you’ll get the app as it is and you aren’t allowed to change the source code.

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