Clipman vs VidElligence Review

Best tool for automated video ad creation?
Clipman or VidElligence?

Clipman vs VidElligence Review

What are Clipman and VidElligence?

Both Clipman and VidElligence are cloud-based applications for automated video ad creation. These apps allow you to convert any URL (Product Page with images) into a high-converting stunning video (ad) with just a few clicks.

Both come with professional templates, background audios, and training included…

How do these apps work?

Both tools work more or less the same.

Step 1. Select your Template and product URL you want to use. The software now automatically grabs product information, price and images.

Step 2. Select/Adjust and order the text and images found on the product page, and/or upload/add your own text and images. Plus choose your color settings.

Step 3. Render and download or share your video.

Watch the short teaser video for Clipman to give you a quick idea…

Or watch the demo full demo video for VidElligence:

Main differences Clipman and VidElligence

The process is almost identical. You can either start from a product URL or from a blank template. And with both you can select 3 templates at once.

The steps are the same and with both you can add your own images and add your own text (max. 60 characters per text line) and can set your colors, and add your logo.

Both have also clear tutorials how the software should be used.

So what are the differences?


Clipman comes with 30 and VidElligence with 50 professional templates.

All templates can be used for any purpose…

Although VidElligence has created specific templates to be used for Local Business Marketers, Owners & Consultants (instead of products), you can also use them for product pages and vice versa.

(The templates differ in animation and placements where the text appears)

It’s a matter of taste but I do prefer the Templates of Clipman above VidElligence. I find them more appealing and professional.


Because these templates were modeled from very successful video Ad campaigns on Facebook. So, not just a bunch of templates, but proven high-converting templates.

Audio Tracks

Clipman comes with 3,000 professional audio tracks. VidElligence has just a few hundred.

Other differences:

Clipman has a built-in Facebook Video Ad editor. Hence you can create your FB ads from within the software (no more downloading your video from the software and upload your video to Facebook).

Also Clipman comes with 4x Video Ads Workshops given by Facebook ad expert John Hutchison to ensure your success. A great extra training definitely worth your attention.

Are there any shortcomings?

Both applications are cloud-based and work more or less the same.

I found VidElligence a little “buggy” but I suppose these bugs will disappear coming weeks.


So overall, Clipman is my favorite app (better templates, more sound tracks, extra FB Video editor, and extra interesting FB ads training). But maybe you like the templates of VidElligence more than I do (or you have other purposes than FB advertising), in that case, I can ensure you that VidElligence is definitely worth your money.

The price for Clipman is also better at the moment. But you have to hurry, because after Saturday November 18th at Midnight PST, prices will go to monthly/yearly fees and the offer will be closed temporarily (you can subscribe to the waiting list).

Below all details about Clipman and VidEntelligence…

ClipmanClipman ($47.00-$67.00)
Creator: Josh Ratta
Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 70/80/150 bonus points.

[Cloud-based software for automated video ad creation] Convert any URL (Product Page with images) into a high-converting stunning video (ad) with just a few clicks. Comes with 30 templates, 3,000+ professional background audios, full customization, FB Video Ad Editor, and 4x Video Ads Workshops given by Ad Expert John Hutchison.

Monthly Templates Club ($37.00 p/mo)
Video Ads Academy ($197.00)

Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

VidElligenceVidElligence ($67.00-$79.00)
Creator: Mario Brown
Bonus: 70/80/80/70 bonus points.

[Cloud-based software for automated video ad creation] Convert any URL (Product Page with images) into a high-converting stunning video (ad) with just 3 clicks. Comes with 50 templates, professional background audios, full customization, and training included.

VidElligence Platinum Experience ($37.00 p/mo)
VidElligence PRO ($71.00)
VidElligence Reseller Licence ($77.00)
Plus for each product in the funnel you’ll buy, you can choose 1 product for free on

To get your bonuses, just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses within 24 hours.

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