Data JEO Review and Bonus

Data JEO logo smallProduct: Data JEO
Type: Web-based Software
Price: $37.00 p/mo or $497.00 for 3 years
Creator: Walt Bayliss
Data JEO is a new advanced Market Research platform to research insider data taken from different (paid) sources and brought together in a super easy to use central dashboard. It allows you to get “Big Data” about your competitor’s products, advertising campaigns, traffic sources and customer data. All essential data to find your ideal customer and use in your own marketing campaigns. It also comes with a built-in tracking module to manage and split test your marketing campaigns.

Deep-Level Market Intelligence Data about your Ideal Customer and Competitors

Data JEO Review and Bonus

What is Data JEO?

Data JEO is a web-based Market Research platform to get insider “Traffic” data about your competitor’s products, advertising, traffic sources and essential Customer Data as keywords usage, similar websites and YouTube Channels they visit, Social Media they use, Geographical & Demographic statistics, popular Facebook Interests and Groups, and how they browse the web (via which device, referring web pages), and so much more…

All the data is up-to-date and extracted from (expensive) services as Alexa, AdBeat, Brand Creative and SimilarWeb among others.

Data JEO Resources

All data is combined together in an easy to use dashboard.

Data JEO can even (automatically) create your Ideal Customer (aka Avatar) like this one below.

Data JEO Avatar Example

But that’s not all…

Besides this “Traffic Data” module, Data JEO also has a Tracking Module that allows you to track and split test your marketing campaigns!

What makes Data JEO so special?

Up until today, you had to subscribe to different expensive monthly services to get the same data splintered over many applications.

With Data JEO this comes to an end. Data JEO summarizes all relevant data into one easy to use central dashboard. And for much lower fees than subscribing yourself to all these other services.

How to use Data JEO Traffic?

Data JEO has especially been set up to give you all the sources to “know your customer and competitors“.

The more you know about your customers, the better you can reach out to them with laser targeted products and marketing campaigns at substantially lower costs.

Not only will you know where to reach your ideal customers, but you’ll also discover how to reach them.

With Data JEO you can focus on marketing strategies that have been proven to work for your competitors!

How does Data JEO work? What data do you get?

Just start by entering your keyword or any website URL you want (f.e. your competitor’s).

If you enter your keyword, the process starts with showing the Search Results on Google.

From there, select the best SERPs that match your subject/product/niche.

Hit “Run Analyses on Selected Items” and then the magic starts and your dashboard will be filled up with all kinds of summarized data.

  • Traffic Overview (source Alexa).
  • Visits by Device. Mobile, Desktop, Laptop.
  • Keywords. Organic “competitor” websites and keywords that generate traffic.
  • Referrals. Web sites that bring in the traffic. Plus Social Network Referrals.
  • Related websites. Web sites that have been visited during the same browser session.
  • Traffic Sources.
  • Organic Outgoing Links.
  • Similar Sites (source SimilarWeb).
  • Country Demographics (source Alexa).

But you can drill down deeper and open up these individual sources:

Data JEO Resources

A short summary of the main data:

  • Alexa. Key stats as Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Number of backlinks, Rank by Traffic, Reach, Speed, and Visits. Plus Related Links & Categories and Demographics.
  • SimilarWeb. Related Links & Categories, Demographics, and Devices.
  • AdBeat. Key phrases, Similar Advertisers, Similar Advertisers Phrases.
  • Social Media. Top YouTube Channels, Top Facebook Pages, and Top Accounts.
  • Keywords on Google, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • Brand Creative. Real successful Banner ads
  • Keyword Planner. Keyword results with monthly searches and competition level.
  • Facebook Interests Groups with the number of members.

See the short demo video below:

Or if you prefer, watch a full demo webinar given by Walt Bayliss, the creator/seller:

Data JEO Tracking Module

To be honest, I had no time to analyze this separate module into much detail.

This module allows you to monitor all your marketing campaigns. You can add tracking pixels to your landing pages and easily split test your pages.

On first sight, this module seems easy to use and can be handy if you don’t have a tracking or split testing tool.

But for me, the real power lies in the Big Data Traffic Module.

Are there any shortcomings?

As Data Webinar uses data from different sources as Google, YouTube, Alexa, AdBeat, SimilarWeb and Brand Creative, and aggregates these data into one platform, it’s logical that you can’t sometimes drill down as deep as by using the original source (f.e. you can’t see all the backlinks as with Alexa).

That said, you can drill down to a certain level and the data you’ll get should be more than enough to “spy on your competition and to know your customer”.

Furthermore, the app is very easy to use and results show up fast.

Why should you buy Data JEO?

Because it’s the best aggregated “Big Data” Research Platform on the market right now. It gives you all the data you’ll need from high-authority external sources to spy on your competitor’s products, advertising campaigns, traffic sources and customer data. All essential data to know your customers/leads better and find your ideal customer avatar to use in your own marketing campaigns.

And during this special launch period, you can take advantage of a special grandfathered discount…


The regular fee for Data JEO (after launch) is $997.00 per year. For a limited time period, you can get access to Data JEO for a monthly payment of $37.00, a yearly payment of $297.00, or a 3 years payment of $497.00.

So don’t wait too long, before you know this deal is over.

Upsells and OTOs

There are 2 upsells. You can buy the Data JEO HeatMap System upgrade ($147.00). This is an add-on to the Tracking Module which allows you to see how your visitors interact on your website (what they click, heatmaps etc.).

As second OTO, you can buy the Agency Upgrade ($497.00). Now you’ll get full rights to sell or give away the data you unlock using Data JEO. There are no restrictions how you can use or summarize the data and about how much you can charge for your services.

My Data JEO Bonus

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Comparable Products

There are no comparable products that do aggregrate all these sources into one Data platform. Of course, you can go for all the individual sources, but your monthly fees will be much higher.

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