Discover Review and Bonus

Discover Logo SmallProduct: Discover
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $49.95 p/mo or $297.00 p/y
Creator: Walt Bayliss
Discover is a new advanced Lead Generation and Automation application for any business. Automatically generate leads from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter based purely on a single keyword being entered, and automate every element of the process, from contacting the people right through to the follow up and addition to Autoresponders. Must see application!

New Lead Generation & Sales Automation App for Any Business

Discover Review and Bonus

What is Discover?

Discover is a cloud-based Lead Generation and Sales Automation application that allows you to find new Leads via Google and 3 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and contact them via email by using automation rules and email templates.

It’s especially developed for marketers who want to find local business who need help with Social Media, Web Design (Mobile responsive websites), Video Marketing, App Creation, SEO, or advertising services.

But you can use Discover to find any Lead you want in any Niche.

What makes Discover so special?

Discover makes it possible to fully automate the process of finding Leads, contact them via preset emails, and follow the sales process throughout the whole Pipeline (from Lead to Buyer).

How does Discover work?

You start with integrating with Zapier, your Autoresponder and social media accounts (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). All with just one click integration and done in seconds.

Now you can create your first Project…

A Project contains out of:

  • A Pipeline. The ordering process you want your leads to go through. For example: Leads -> Prospects -> Customers -> Repeating Customers. You can add as many elements (i.e list of businesses) to the pipeline as you want.
  • Activity Feed to monitor your progress.
  • Duplicates.

A Project is feed and build by Automation & Rules or by manual selecting the interesting leads as a result of an Advanced Search.

Let’s start with the Advanced Search

Discover Search for Prospects

Just fill in the details. You can search on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Plus select whether you want to exclude leads without email addresses (and/or you can choose to deep search for additional email addresses on other places by using a credit system).

As a result you get a summary of the new Leads as in this example below:

Discover Advanced Search Results

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

From there on, you can select the interesting ones and go one step deeper…

Discover Advanced Search Specific Results

And select the ones you want to add to your Pipeline.

As you can see you’ll get all these interesting data:

  • Google Stats as: Number of Indexed Pages, Backlinks, Keywords, Top 20 Y/N.
  • Mobile Responsiveness Y/N.
  • Has Video Y/N.
  • Has Ads Y/N.
  • Email Address.
  • Social Media Accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Apple Apps Y/N.

By clicking on the name of a prospect, you will see all the details with clickable links, as in this example…

Discover Prospect Overview

Besides selecting your new Leads manually, you can automate the process..

You can build rules for “Scheduled Search” and for “Autoresponder Import” (to add to a specific email lists).

To build your Pipeline, you’ll usually start with a Scheduled Search Rule. Again, you can search on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Just start by entering your keyword, region, search frequency, and tell in which Pipeline element you want to add the data.

By using the Autoresponder Import Rule, you just select a Pipeline element and select to which list you want to add the new lead/prospect/customer etc. (you can select the email verification option).

So, in essence, Discover allows you to find new Leads and automate the email prospecting and follow up, all from one dashboard.

And it has also Zapier integration. Hence, you can easily integrate with your favorite CRM, Webinar, and other applications.

Watch the short demo video by Walt Bayliss, the creator/seller:

Or if you prefer, watch the full demo webinar replay…

Are there any shortcomings?

The app is very easy to use, the results show up fast, and the automation works perfect, but you still have to setup your email sequences properly.

And for some businesses the prospecting process can highly be automated. For other, it can be more difficult.

So, it depends on your business whether Discover is the proper choice.

Why should you buy Discover?

Because it’s the most advanced Lead Generation and Sales Automation app on the market right now that allows you to fully automate the process of finding Leads, contact them via preset emails, and follow the sales process throughout the whole Pipeline (from Lead to Buyer).

It’s the perfect tool for marketers who want to find local business who need help with Social Media, Web Design (Mobile responsive websites), App Creation, SEO, or advertising services.

(Plus as upsell, you can get the Agency License and sell this new high-quality product as your own or offer Discover as service to your (local) clients)

And during this special launch period, you can take advantage of a special discount…


You can get access to Discover for a monthly payment of $49.95 or a yearly payment of $297.00.

Upsells and OTOs

There are 3 upsells. As first upsell, you can buy one of the Discover Agency Licenses ($97.00-$297.00 p/y). Now, you’ll be able to sell the entire Discover package and keep 100% of the profits. You’ll also get all the marketing material as capture pages, video ads and Facebook campaigns that you can use to attract your clients. And you don’t have to do the support yourself and can send your clients directly to the (fast-replying) support desk of Discover.

A great deal if you want to offer high-quality services to local clients or if you want to sell the software as it is. Discover is unique and definitely will sell.

As second OTO, you can buy the additional Discover – Profit Pack ($197.00). Now you’ll get 5 ready ‘Done For You’ websites and sales packs for 5 local client services niches as Mobile Apps, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, and Lead Generation. For example, Discover finds someone without a Facebook page, and you can use the Social Media Profit Pack with all the tools to sell them your service. Set Discover to run – automate the follow up, and send your new leads to a DFY sales page!


As final upsell, you can get ENGAGE ($9.95-$47.00 p/mo). This is a great chat application that uses existing (free) chat apps as FB Messenger, WeChat, and Skype without having to be logged onto a dashboard, and without needing an expensive or complicated system to run your support from.

The Engage PLUS version ($47.00 p/mo) also comes with Agency rights! Hence, another great application that you can sell to your local clients or sell the software as it is. Definitely worth to check this out. Even if you don’t want to buy Discover…

My Discover Bonus

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Comparable Products

There is no comparable product on the market right now that does everything that Discover allows you to do. But there are some (less advanced) tools to find leads…

Check out MobilRR, to easily find local business with non-optimized websites for mobile visitors (comes with built-in Mobile Site Creator).

Or check out XLeads 360 to easily find local businesses by using Facebook. Just enter your keyword and location and get all necessary business info together with Social (FB like), Google Review and SEO stats. Comes with built-in email management system and email templates to easily contact new leads (or outsource your lead generation).

Another great start to get ideas about products that you can promote to local client is my page Products, Tools, and Services for Local Clients.

Other products from Walt Bayliss

Walt Bayliss has some great other products. Check out my reviews about Data JEO (Market Research Platform), Webinar JEO (new Webinar platform), RepWarn (Reputation Management software) and Hydravid Cloud (Social Media Syndication).


How do I get my bonuses?
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Yes, follow this link to see how you can get a cash rebate of 12,5% for (almost) all your products (front-end and/or up- and downsells) purchased via my affiliate links.

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