EZ Magic Video Review and Bonus [+Coupon]

EZ Magic Video Logo SmallProducts: EZ Magic Video
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $32.00-$47.00
Creators: Todd Gross & Matt Bush
Easily create customized “Human Spokesperson” videos out of 2,000 prerecorded video clips presented in a “talking head style” by a variety of professional Spokespersons. Just select your spoken phrases, line by line, and the software splices the clips together into one video! Comes with lots of customization features as viewpoint positioning, Text on Slides Y/N, (Image/Video) Backgrounds, Lower Thirds Graphics, Soundtracks, and more…

New Customizable “Human Spokesperson” Video Software

EZ Magic Video Review and Bonus

What is EZ Magic Video?

EZ Magic Video is a cloud-based app to easily create “Human Spokesperson” videos out of a database of 2,000 prerecorded “talking head” video Clips.

All the Clips have been individually recorded and are presented by a professional Spokesperson who speaks just one sentence/phrase (i.e. Script) at a time.

Hence, by selecting individual Scripts, you can build up your video presentation, line by line, and order them exactly the way you want.

How does EZ Magic Video work?

Step 1 Select a Template and Spokesperson.

With the main front-end product, you can select out of 6 Templates with each time a different professional spokesperson…

EZ Magic Video Templates

So, you can select out of 2 main categories:

  • General Marketing
  • Local Marketing

And for each category, you can select out of 3 different spokespersons.

Step 2 “Add and Customize your Clips”.

So, in my example, I choose for General Marketing with spokesperson Todd, and now I can select my Clips from the library categorized per subject.

For example, the General Marketing Template has sub categories like Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, eCommerce, PLR, Product Creation, Crypto Currency. But also Intro, Closing, Fillers, Transitions, Scarcity, and With Motion Clips.

EZ Magic Video Example

After selecting your Clips, you can make your videos more appealing and customize each video Clip by:

  • Selecting one of the 4 Clip positioning versions: Centered No Text, Zoomed In, Text Only, Image with Text Right.
  • Select background Image or Video. Use the built-in database or upload your own.
  • Add Lower Thirds.
  • Add Sound Track (with volume settings). Use the built-in library or add your own.
  • Add Outro Slide to your videos.

Step 3 Render your video.

When you ready, just hit “Render” and the software splices the Clips together into one video!

The result? Watch my first creation with EZ Magic Video…

As you can see, I didn’t use any of the “gimmicks” as intro/outro, adding a soundtrack, or adding Lower Thirds. I just used different (colorful) image backgrounds taken from the built-in library, and used all the 4 viewpoints (positioning features).

And the rendering was rather fast. I created this video on the second day of the launch and I expected it to take quite some time, so I switched to another browser tab…

When I came back 10 minutes later, the video was ready for download. (So, I don’t know how long it took but it was within 10 minutes)

What kind of videos can you make?

Well, “talking head” videos with a professional spokesperson who “present” your marketing services and/or services for local businesses.

But you can also create short intro, closing, or Call to Action (with scarcity) videos.

Main Highlights of EZ Magic Video:

  • Create unlimited Human Spokesperson videos in minutes.
  • Select out of 6 Templates (i.e. Spokespersons) with main category General Marketing or Local Marketing.
  • Select out of 2,000 professional Clips.
  • For each Clip select the viewpoint/positioning.
  • Easily change background image or use video from built-in library or upload your own image/video.
  • Add Lower Thirds.
  • Add Sound Track (with volume settings). Use the built-in library or add your own.
  • Add Outro Slide to your videos.
  • Commercial License included in main front-end.

Watch the demo video:

EZ Spokesperson Creator and EZ Review Videos

Maybe you have seen EZ Spokesperson Creator or EZ Review Videos, also created by Todd Gross and Matt Bush, and you’re wondering…

What’s the difference between these 3 EZ applications?

Well, with EZ Spokesperson Creator and EZ Review Videos, you’ll get ready-made video Templates with a non-adjustable Script.

Hence, you can customize the Template by editing/selecting the Background, Text, Lower Third Graphics, and Sountrack. But you can’t build your own Script.

So, although you can use the templates as stand-alone videos, the main concept is to embed these template videos as intro and/or outro around your own video to give it more authority and a personal/human look.

While EZ Magic Video allows you to build your Script from the database of Clips. Hence, you can create “custom” videos with the exact length, and with only the phrases and ordering as you like.

That said, you can combine these apps.

The creators have made this even easier as all these 3 “EZ apps” can be used within the same membership platform. Hence, you only have to log in once. Just select if you want to start with creating your video with either EZ Spokesperson, EZ Review Videos, or EZ Magic Video.

Are there any shortcomings?

There are some limitations that you should be aware of.

First, you can “only” use the Clips from the library. With 2,000 phrases, you can build “unlimited” scripts in theory, but you want to create a script that makes sense and sounds naturally.

So, the Clips are based upon commonly used phrases in general marketing and for local business services. And more specific to “introduce” your service or to take action.

Hence, you can’t use EZ Magic Video for other usages as telling a (business) story, or using specific (uncommon) words/phrases.

So, if you (or your client) want to use a specific phrase that hasn’t been included in the Clip database, you have to find the “best” phrase that comes close to what you want to say.

Furthermore, you can “only” use one Spokesperson at a time. Hence, you can’t select/use 2 or more spokespersons and slice them together in your video.

At least not within the app. But of course, you can create 2 separate videos (with different spokesperson) and add them together with any video editor.

For me, both “limitations” are no deal-breakers but I think you should be aware of these…

Why should you buy EZ Magic Video?

EZ Magic Video is an easy to use video creation app that allows you to create “unlimited” professional “live talking head” videos. Select your favorite spokesperson and build your script out of 2,000 prerecorded clips with phrases that you can order anyway you want. And customize your video with the built-in library of lower thirds, image/video backgrounds, and soundtracks. Or use your own footage.

So a perfect tool for every video marketer who needs an affordable and easy to use video software to create “Human Spokesperson” videos. Especially if you take into account the one-time and low…

Pricing & Coupon

You can get EZ Magic Video for a one-time payment of $47.00, and during launch it comes with free Agency License (rights to sell your created videos to your clients).

For a limited time, you can use Coupon Code “lastchance” to get $15.00 off.

(If that coupon is not working anymore, try Coupon Code “magic”)

So, don’t wait too long (and watch the timers on the page).

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the opportunity to upgrade to EZ Magic Video Upgrade ($47.00). Now you’ll get:

  • 2 New Spokespersons.
  • 2,000 Additional Spokesperson Clips (with Local Business Clips).
  • 60 Additional Backgrounds.
  • 60 Additional Music Tracks.

As second upsell, you can get the EZ Magic Video Agency ($67.00).

Now, you’ll get a ready-to-go Video Agency Website plus 1,000 additional Clips that you can use to sell your created videos as services to (local) businesses.

As third upsell, you can get the EZ Magic Video Local ($67.00). Now you can expand your collection with 2,000 additional Clips for local businesses.

Still not enough?

As fourth and final upsell, you can become a member of the EZ Magic Video Club ($19.95 p/m). Now you’ll get 650 new Packages each and every month with new Spokespersons, new Backgrounds, new Music, and new Features.

My EZ Magic Video Bonus

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