Funnel Secrets Review and Bonus [Closed]

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Type: Guides + Video Training Course
Price: $22.00-$27.00
Creator: Sam Bakker
Funnel Secrets is a training course about how to use and get the maximum out of the JVZoo platform as seller and by using sales funnels. Included are almost 6 hours of video training with PDF transcriptions, Case Studies, Best Practices, Guides, Templates, Resources & Tools.

Sales Funnel Best Practices

Funnel Secrests Review and Bonus

What is Funnel Secrets?

Funnel Secrets is a video training course about how to use and get the maximum out of the JVZoo platform as seller and using sales funnels.

Inside the course, the creator Sam Bakker reveals everything about how to setup the perfect sales funnel.

Sam Bakker is one the top sellers and top affiliate on JVZoo. Hence, you’ll learn from someone who knows what he is talking about with proven methods and very successful results as seller on JVZoo.

A few months ago, Sam created JVZoo Academy. A course about how to use and get the maximum out of the JVZoo platform as seller and/or affiliate.

So, as extension to JVZoo Academy, this time, Funnel Secrets is all about sales funnels.

Inside, there are 24 video modules with all having a PDF of the transcription:

Funnel Secrets Modules

The video modules have a total length of almost 6 hours and are easy to follow.

On each Module page, besides the PDF of the transcription, there are download links to additional guides and templates as…

Funnel Secrets Content Types

To give you an idea, these are some of the PDF’s that I have downloaded…

Funnel Secrets Extra PDFs

What’s so special about Funnel Secrets?

Most of you have been going through sales funnels yourself. But inside Funnel Secrets, you get a behind the scene look of all the components that should be part of your sales funnel.

Elements as:

  • Main front-end product.
  • Proper priced and related upsell and downsell products. With examples for Software, Training, and Mixed Funnels.
  • Live Chat and Support.
  • Email Follow-Up sequences.
  • Retargeting.
  • Live and Automated Webinars.

And for all these elements, you’ll see examples, get best practices, and get tips about the best tools to use.

And although this course is especially focused on selling as vendor via the JVZoo platform (with examples how to setup your funnel on JVZoo, and what are the best price settings optimized for JVZoo), you can use all these techniques on any other platform (f.e. WarriorPlus, ClickBank, Zaxaa) or on your own affiliate platform (as PayKickStart, SamCart, or ThriveCart).

Whom can benefit from this training?

If you are new and have never sold your own products (with a sales funnel), this is a must have course.

But also if you are more experienced, it’s the perfect “Checklist” to be sure you’ll use and set up every element in your funnel the proper way. And especially what prices and funnel setups are proven to work for software, training or mixed funnels.

Are there any shortcomings?

This course isn’t a getting rich quick course. It’s a thoroughly and in-depth training course. But you have to take action yourself. Everything is explained and easy to follow. But to be successful you need the right mindset and willpower to succeed, and spend money and time with testing and tweaking your sales pages and funnel.

I went trough all the material myself, and although I knew quite a lot, I’ll definitely come back the moment I need to setup my next own sales funnel. It’s so easy to “forget” essential parts.

The only subject you won’t find in this course, is information about how to attract affiliates, find JV partners and setup your JV page.

Funnel Secrets is more about the technical aspects how to setup your sales funnels with best practices (and not about the product creation itself or the attraction of JV partners and affiliates).

Inside the course, Sam demonstrates his email follow ups by using MarketHero, but you can also use any other Email Service Provider that allows segmenting and tags as Drip or ConvertKit.

So overall, no shortcomings for me. It’s a great course to learn more about how to set up your sales funnels. It will definitely save you time and money by first going through this course than try to learn it all yourself (or finding free courses without this depth).

As experienced marketers, you could expect that the sellers created some upgrades. So, although the main front-end product alone is worth your money, to get one step further and really dig deeper, you probably want to check out the upgrades as well.

Why should you buy Funnel Secrets?

If you want to improve your sales conversions by using sales funnels, then this is a great course to learn you all the basics and more advanced techniques to properly set up and use sales funnels on the JVZoo platform. The creator Sam Bakker is one the top sellers and top affiliate on JVZoo. Hence, you’ll learn from someone who knows what he is talking about with proven methods and very successful results as seller on JVZoo.


You can get Funnel Secrets for $27.00.

For a limited time, you can use coupon code “5off” to get $5.00 off the sales price of $27.00 (and get it for $22.00).

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is Funnel Secrets ‘Fast Track’ MasterClass ($67.00). This upgrade “over-the-shoulder” video training learns you how to quickly set up profitable, AUTOMATED sales funnels that drive sales in any niche. Watch the break down of top conversion strategies of top JVZoo marketers into easy to apply, simple steps that you can apply right away. Use the included shortcuts, traffic tips and resources to bring more profits into your business.

The second upsell is the opportunity to get Funnel Secrets LIVE ($97.00 one-time payment). This is what you’ll get a 6 Weeks of Live Funnel Coaching where the vendor shows you exactly how to create PERFECTLY optimized Sales Funnels for your offers with real time examples. Plus you can ask questions and get answers during the webinars. As part of this offer, you can become a member of the Inner Circle’ JVZoo Academy Mastermind Facebook Group.

As final upsell, you can get access to the JVZoo Academy Mastery & JVZoo Builder Software ($197.00 one-time payment).

This upgrade used to be the first upgrade of JVZoo Academy. This membership has a regular monthly fee of $67.00 (as you can see on this sales page).

Now you’ll get a very advanced training with over the shoulder videos, cheat sheets and more. Just check the sales page what’s been included. For example, inside you’ll find 20 interviews with top affiliates/sellers on JVZoo discussing more tips and tricks.

Plus you will get IGLOO for “free”. IGLOO is an awesome Page Builder & Membership Software tool (SaaS application) that normally will cost you $87.00-$127.00 (click on the IGLOO link to see the official sales page).

The price for the JVZoo Academy Mastery & JVZoo Builder Software is at the moment $197.00, but I think the vendors made a mistake and that it should be $197.00 per year.

Especially because the downsell is just the IGLOO Builder Software for exactly the same price of $197.00. So take advantage of this low price while it’s available!

(But be sure, whether you’ll pay yearly or one-time by checking this on the JVZoo checkout page – maybe the vendors have corrected their mistake – anyway a yearly fee is still a good deal!)

My Funnel Secrets Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page) you get these 7 Bonuses (2 with White Label Rights!).

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