Gifzign Review and Bonus

Gifzign LogoProduct: Gifzign
Type: Desktop Software
Price: $37.00
Creators: Martin Crumlish – YouZign
Gifzign is the first all-in-one desktop application that allows you to create both animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs. You can create GIFs/Cinemagraphs out of existing YouTube or Vimeo videos or from your own uploaded video or directly from the integrated Screen Recorder. You can add text and/or images, use “Instagram Like” filters and special mirror effect to grab more attention. You can even add professional looking mockups around your GIFS. Share your MP4 or GIF on social media or embed them on your web page with the special Player.

All-In-One Animated GIF + Cinemagraph Creator

Gifzign Review and Bonus

Up to date, there were applications that can create animated GIFs (like FlickGIF) or apps that can create Cinemagraphs (like ClipGraph and Graphitii), but this new desktop application (for both PC and Mac) Gifzign allows you to create both animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs.

Gifzign consists of these core features:

  1. Editor. Edit and create the exact animated GIF you need, complete with filters, special effects, text, images, loops and more.
  2. Recorder. In addition to using a YouTube or Vimeo video, or to upload your own video, you can record a video from your own screen directly into Gifzign.
  3. Cinemagraphs. Turn any video or recording into a Cinemagraph.
  4. Convertor. Convert any MP4 video to an animated GIF.
  5. Player. Show your GIFs with the hosted GIF player. This player comes with 10 skins and onclick, hover and scroll functions.
  6. Mockups. Use the 20+ device and frame mockup images to embed your animations inside (see example Mockup GIF belo).
  7. [Upcoming] Youzign integration. With a few clicks, you can pull any of your Youzign designs right into Gifzign.

What are the difference between Animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs?

An animated GIF is an image encoded in graphics interchange format (GIF), which contains a number of images or frames in a single file and is described by its own graphic control extension. The frames are presented in a specific order in order to convey animation. An animated GIF can loop endlessly or stop after a few sequences.

Cinemagraphs, on the other hand, look like a “live image” – a still image with a “moving part” – but are actually videos.

Animated GIFs can be used anywhere where you are allowed to use (GIF) images. For example in emails or on Social Media.

Cinemagraphs can only be showed by a video player. Hence, can’t be used inside emails.

Gifzign demo animated gif

Mockup Example

How to use Gifzign?

To create your GIF or Cinemagraph, follow these simple steps:

Step 1 Converter. Select a video (on YouTube/Vimeo, upload your own or record your screen) and choose the time frame (i.e. the part of the video that you will use for your Cinemagraph).

Gifzign Step 1 Select Video

Step 2a. GIF Editor. Add text (Top and bottom headline) and/or an image as “annotation” to your video fragment. Select “Instagram style” filter, use a mirror effect and add various looping effects (ping-pong, reverse). Finally, set the video quality to Vintage, Grainy or HD.

Step 2b Cinemagraphs Editor. Choose one still frame (any thumbnail of your video inside your time frame) and select (by using a paint brush tool) the parts out of your video that you still want to play, i.e. the moving parts.

Gifzign Dashboard

Step 3 If you’re satisfied, create and save your Cinemagraph as either an MP4 video or as animated GIF.

Step 4 (Optional). Choose a mockup that you can add to your GIF, hit save and the software creates a new GIF with your mockup around it.

Step 5 (Optional). Create your custom embed Player (for any animated GIF you’ve created or want to use) and embed it on your website. Choose one of the 10 professional skins and select your Onclick, Hover and Scroll preferences.

Gifzign Player

The first four steps can be done from with your desktop application.

To use the player, you have to use the Gifzign Cloud dashboard from where you can download the latest version of Gifzign, create custom embed players and access your help desk anytime.

So, to summarize Gifzign is a unique application that allows you to create both animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs with some extra features as to show GIFs with a mockup and/or as embed player with a professional skin (and Onclick, Hover and Scroll features).

Watch the full demo video…

Are there any shortcomings?

As this is an all-in-one tool you can’t really compare Gifzign to any other application. You can only compare the individual components with other stand-alone apps.

Although Gifzign has been used and tested by around 1,000 B-testers and the software works as described, there is room for some additional improvements and new (now lacking) features.

For example, the Screen Recorder is very basic. Just select the frame and hit go and stop. There is no Pause functionality.

Although the masking functionality inside the Cinemagraph editor is OK (to define the moving part of your Cinemagraph), please view the tutorial video first because it’s kind of counter-intuitive. (You have to select the masking icons first and then select the view button).

Furthermore, there is no redo or undo functionality for your masking, but you can refine the brushes to really select the proper part that you want to play.

Also, on all the buttons and icons there is no text explanation if you’ll hover over them (so you won’t know what’s going to happen – although most icons are clear and commonly used elsewhere).

So, overall just some minor “issues”. No show-stoppers.

Because Gifzign is created by the YouZign developers’ team, a dedicated team that has proven to improve products over time, I expect that these shortcomings will be solved in the near future.

As Gifzign comes with a huge discount during this initial launch and because it comes with a 60 days refund period, there is enough time to test this software and see whether these (minor) shortcomings will be solved.

Why should you buy Gifzign?

Because (of my awesome bonuses that are worth your investment many times and) it’s a great new all-in-one GIF and Cinemagraph creator app that you can get right now for an unbelievable low…


You can get Gifzign for a one-time payment of $37.00.

It comes with developers rights. Hence you’re allowed to use the GIFs and Cinemagraphs for commercial usage and you can sell your creations.

The product has a no questions asked refund period of 60 days.

Upsell or OTO?

Gifzign Funnel

As first upsell, you can upgrade with Gifzign Mockups ($47.00-$67.00). Now you’ll get:

  • 200 Templates of new mockup designs.
  • Developer rights for these Mockups Templates to use for your own and client work.
  • GFX Mastermind Course. Learn how to run your own design service business.
  • “Request a mockup”: contact Gifzign’s support to ask for new designs.
  • 1 Click Mockups. Simply create your gif, choose your mockup and download.
  • 60 Day Guarantee: no risk, try them for 60 days.

As second upsell, you can become a member of the Gifzign Club ($9.99 p/mo with $1.00 trial). Now you’ll get 30 GIF Mockups every month.

As third and final upsell, you can upgrade with Gifzign Grow ($197.00). This package is for those of you who want to sell their animated GIFs and Cinemagraphs as a service/business and people who don’t have Youzign 2.0 yet. You’ll get all these bundled:

  • “Done for you” sales page.
  • 5 Logo templates with full source files.
  • Pre-recorded professional sales video with soundtrack and voiceover, plus non-soundtrack version.
  • Sales video Camtasia project production files.
  • Sales copy and video sales script files, ready to edit.
  • Facebook Ad Templates.
  • 1 x $297 app from Instant Whitelabel.
  • Detailed training on how to use it all.
  • Dedicated Youzign 2.0 account ($120.00 p/y value).
  • 1200+ Youzign design templates ($97.00 value).

My Gifzign Bonuses

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page), you’ll get these bonuses:

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Additional OTO1 bonuses

If you’ll buy the first upsell (the Mockups), you can choose 2 out of these 4 Whitelabel bonuses.

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Semi-Exclusive Bonuses for buying front-end

If you’ll buy the main front-end, you’ll get these 5 exclusive bonuses from me (all personal usage with developer rights).

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Semi-Exclusive Bonuses for buying any upsell

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