Insight Hero Review and Bonus

Product: Insight Hero
Type: Chrome Browser Extension
Price: $67.00 p/mo
Creators: Insight Hero Logo SmallRoss Carrell
Insight Hero is an easy to use tool to create your laser-targeted Audience based upon interests for your Facebook Ad Campaigns. With one-click it finds all “hidden” interests that otherwise would take you hours to find them manually.

Easily Target FB Audiences with this one-click “Hidden” Interests Selector Tool

Insight HeroInsight Hero Features

What is Insight Hero?

Insight Hero is an easy to use Ad Tool (Chrome Extension) to build your Audience based upon interests for your Facebook Ad Campaigns. With one-click it finds all laser-targeted “hidden” interests that otherwise would take you hours to find them manually.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to create groups of specific audiences with the best and highly targeted interests for your offer. Hence the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your ads will be higher and your ad costs will decline, resulting in a higher ROI and more money in your pocket.

What makes Insight Hero so special?

Most of the tools, that try to find interests groups for Facebook advertising, use separate (desktop) software or apps. And you have to upload your interests apart into the Facebook Interest boxes.

With Insight Hero you get an fully integrated tool that shows up right inside your Facebook’s “Audience Insights” Tab. After giving your campaign a “project name” and entering your main keyword, with just one-click you’ll see all related interests categorized by interests, job titles, employers, majors and schools.

It even gives closely and loosely related interests. For every interests you get the audience size and source.

Now you save your interests or you can filter your results even further. Just enter your (sub)keyword to select only those interest containing this specific keyword in the interests description. Rinse and repeat for all major 5 categories and save all the (interests) results you want.

At any moment you can save your project and start it later from where you stopped.

After your selection, the software directly shows the total audience details, see the example below:

Insight Hero Audience Builder

Now, you can adjust your campaign audience settings just as you would normally do inside the Audience Insights tab.

Main features of Insight Hero?

  • Chrome browser tool. You can use it on any device from any place with internet connection.
  • Fully integrated with Facebook’s Audience Insight. Never leave Facebook!
  • Easily find all related interests groups with one click categorized into 5 groups: interests, job titles, employers, majors and schools. Both closely related and loosely related interests.
  • Easy filter, expand and selection feature. Filter your results by entering your keyword the interests group should contain. Or expand your market with the expansion feature.
  • Save your project and use them whenever you want in the future again.
  • Fully integrated with Facebook API and fully compliant with Facebook TOS.

Insight Hero is web-based and fully integrated with Facebook. So you can access them from your browser. Hence the software works on both Mac and PC or on tablets and smartphones.

Watch this demo video by the creator for a full demonstration. (Note this demo has been made for affiliates, so you can skip the first and last 30 seconds.)

Are there any shortcomings?

This software is really fast and saves you a lot of time. However, as with all software, it can’t think like a human being. So sometimes the software misinterprets your keyword and gives you unrelated interests.

But overall this software does a great job and with the filtering options you can easily drag down to the proper interests.

Why should you buy Insight Hero?

Because it’s the best software on the market right now (as far as I know) to easily grab thousands of laser-targeted interests for using in your Facebook Ad campaigns. Interests that you otherwise had to find yourself (by f.e. searching on Google) and had to enter (and select) manually in the interests box. These prior tasks could take you hours to complete (and you never would know if you got all related interests).

So this software is not just a huge time saver, it also saves you money by targeting the right audiences, resulting in better CTRs, lower ad costs and higher ROI on your ad campaigns.

And the best part, you can get this amazing software tool now for an unbelievable low…


Right now, you can use Insight Hero for a monthly fee of $67.00.

The offer has a 30 days no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

As upsell you can upgrade to the Insight Hero ROI Plan with optional Lifetime Syndicate Membership. The Insight Hero ROI plan package ($197.00) will gain you access to Ross’ very private “X-Ray Vision” machine which allows you to monitor the most profitable niches, ads and products selling on Facebook on a daily basis.

If you take the Lifetime Syndicate option too (2 payments of $297.00), you get instant access to EVERY Facebook app (8 in total), system and training Ross has been developed, including access to his private Syndicate members area and Facebook group. You will also never need to spend another dime after today as Ross will give you everything he’ll ever produce in the future – even his private tools that he would never sell or show to the public – FREE for life.

My Insight Hero Bonus

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