My Ecom Spy Review and Bonus

My Ecom Spy Logo SmallProduct: My Ecom Spy
Type: Windows Desktop Software
Price: $97.00 p/mo
Creators: James Renouf, Jay Slomba & Chad Rego
My Ecom Spy is a powerful software tool that allows you to spy on over 90,000 Shopify and all Etsy Stores, and find the best-selling products inside those stores. Plus for each Shopify store, you can find their traffic sources and other essential data. With one click, you can select and explore the store’s Facebook Page to analyze and scroll through their best performing posts and ads. Plus you can easily find the 200 most interesting social influencers on Instagram for your product (to contact and request for your shout out).

New eCommerce (Shopify & Etsy) Spying Tool with FB Research and Instagram Influencers finder

My Ecom Spy Review and Bonus

What is My Ecom Spy?

My Ecom Spy is a powerful Windows desktop software suite with 5 Research apps integrated in one application with all the necessary video training how to use the apps for the best results.

So what are these 5 Research or Spying Tools?

  • Shopify Store Search tool. Filter down the main database of 90,000+ Shopify stores by keyword. It selects the stores with the keyword(s) mentioned in their domain, name description, or meta tags.
  • Shopify Top Sites tool. This filters the main database and only shows the Top 5,000 Shopify stores by traffic and rank.
  • Etsy Store and Best-selling products tool.
  • Facebook Fanpage Research tool.
  • Instagram Influencers finder tool.

Shopify Store Search and Top Sites

If you start your application, you’ll start with a huge spreadsheet containing all top 90,000 Shopify stores where you can see (and filter) this real-time data:

  • Name of Store.
  • Description of Store.
  • Global Rank of Store.
  • Conutry and Country Rate.
  • Category.
  • Traffic stats (all in different columns) as Total Traffic, Visit Duration, Page Visits, Bounce Rates, Top 5 Visiting Countries, Top 5 Social Referrers, Top 5 Traffic Sources, Top 5 Referral Sites, Top 5 Destinations. Top Ad Networks,
  • Related Facebook Fan Page with total Likes.
  • Related Twitter Account.
  • Related Instagram Account.
  • Related YouTube Account.
  • Used keyword (if you are filtering down).

If you want you can order each column (alphabetically or by number) or rearrange the columns in any order you want (just like an Excel spreadsheet).

Starting with the main spreadsheet, you can filter down either by entering your keyword(s), or you can click on the Top Sites button to shrink your database to the Top 5,000 Shopify stores only.

To analyze a store, just click on the line in your spreadsheet and your browser will open up the Homepage of the store inside a frame with My Ecom Spy header and a menu on the right.

Inside that menu, you can find all the data (mentioned above) for the store (with clickable links to the social media sites) and 3 buttons:

  • Update button. By clicking on this button, all stats will be updated real-time.
  • Go/Get Best-sellers button.
  • Research Facebook Posts button.

After clicking on the Go/Get Best-sellers button, you’ll see all the best-selling products in the store. And as extra feature, inside the right menu a box appears with all the best-selling product item names.

Just click on a product name and you’ll be automatically redirected to the AliExpress page that would have come up if you had manually entered the product item name as the search query on AliExpress yourself.

Facebook Research - My Ecom Spy

The Research Facebook Posts feature allows you to see all the most engaging Facebook posts for that particular Fanpage posted the last few months. And you can filter either on most Likes, Comments, or Shares.

I really like this feature because you only see the posts (with clickable URL to open the post in Facebook) in a simple popup window without any distracting content around the posts as you’ll normally see on Facebook itself. So you can easily scroll down through the posts and filter them by engagement.

Facebook Research Tool

(10:04 in demo video below)

By clicking on the Facebook Research button in the main dashboard, you’ll open up Facebook with the My ECom Spy frame around it. You can just use Facebook as you would do normally but now you can use Facebook’s Graph Search in an easier and more efficient way with 4 additional features:

  • Save and re-use often used search phrases as “just pay shipping” as search criteria. The software has some standard search queries included for you, but you can also add your own.
  • Search/Filter by month. For example to only search for the latest post this month.
  • AliExpress search feature. If you find a best-selling or interesting product, you can immediately enter your search query in the right menu and open up AliExpress with the sourcing results.
  • Search Facebook Page. This is the exact same feature as the Research Facebook Posts described above.

Hence, the Facebook Research Tool is more for searching on Facebook in general (among all Fan pages) to find ideas and products, while the Research Facebook Posts is used to find the most engaging Facebook Posts for a particular Fan Page.

Etsy Research Tool

(13:36 in demo video below)

By clicking on the Etsy button in the main dashboard, you’ll open up Etsy’s homepage with a My Ecom Spy frame around it. You can just use Etsy as you would do normally but now you get 3 additional features:

  • Get Stores. Just enter your keyword in Etsy, hit the button Get Stores, and you’ll get all the best selling stores in Etsy.
  • Get Best-selling products. Just click on a store (in the found stores section in the right menu) and all the best-selling products will be show ordered by Views and Favorites with an URL listed that goes directly to the product page. And direct link to…
  • AliExpress search query. (Just as with the Shopify Stores best product finder)

So, how can you use this new “uncovered” Etsy data?

Either you can ask the seller if you can sell these products yourself and let the vendor do the dropshipping.

Or you can use it to gather new ideas and concepts for your own Etsy products.

And of course, you can try to find similar products on AliExpress.

Instagram Influencers Finder

(16:36 in demo video below)

By clicking on the Instagram button in the main dashboard, you’ll open up Instagram with a My Ecom Spy frame around it.

Just enter your keyword and the number of influencers you want to find (maximum of 200) on Instagram.

The software will find these influencers and shows you these results:

  • Name Influencer.
  • Number of Followers.
  • Number of Posts.
  • Average Number per Post.
  • Engagement Percentage.
  • Contact details (if applicable) besides Instagram name.
  • Bio Description.

As extra feature, you can use one of the email templates to contact the Instagram user to request for a shout out. Or you can add your own templates, that you can immediately use in Instagram the moment you want.

Watch the demo video…

What makes My Ecom Spy so special?

It’s a complete system with tools and training. It covers every aspect for a successful Ecom business from finding the best-selling products, finding the best ways to promote your products, sourcing the products on AliExpress, and finding Instagram Influencers.

And there is no other application on the market right now that integrates these 5 apps into one with real-time data.

Actually, as far as I know, My Ecom Spy is the only tool that can find the best-selling stores and products on both Shopify and Etsy.

When it comes to running an online store, it can be hard to find winning products.

If you’ll do your research manually, it will take you days (or weeks) to find successful stores and high-selling products (if you’ll find them at all).

By using My Ecom Spy, you’ll know in advance what’s selling by spying on successful stores with real products that are selling right now, and you can easily analyze your competitors marketing and social media strategies via the Facebook Research tool.

So, no more wasting time and money on manual research and testing new products.

Are there any shortcomings?

My Ecom Spy is a Windows desktop application and easy to install.

However, because it uses a lot of real-time data and internet bandwidth the vendors recommend that you use a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and install the application on that server (with as additional advantage that you can access it from anywhere with internet connection).

Actually, they recommend a specific VPS in the training that you can access for less than $10.00 p/mo. (They claim 100% uptime, incredible bandwidth and Internet speeds that you cannot get privately).

Sorry, I didn’t test their VPS recommendation and use my own VPS (A2 Hosting).

Another point…

Although, the Shopify data is real-time and can be updated any time with the update button, the main database at the moment consists of 90,000+ Shopify stores.

I know that there are more Shopify stores but I don’t know what kind of criteria they use for being included in the main database. It looks like they only include the major ones with sufficient traffic and stats about that traffic.

Furthermore, the software is rather new. It’s the first time it’s being sold (and only to 500 users). So, expect some hickups, but also many more updates and additional features to come…

For example, the last week, the vendors added a “Watched” button inside the software to save your stores/products.

Finally, the “AliExpress Search” feature is solely to save you some time by not entering a product name manually inside the search balk on itself.

You can’t compare this feature with Ali Inspector (as part of Intelligynce or AmaSuite 5) that gives you all the tools to easily source your products and upload your products to your store (product description, images, reviews etc.).

Why should you buy My Ecom Spy?

Because it’s a perfect tool for spying on successful Shopify and Etsy stores and to find best-selling products in any niche you want. This app will save you hours of research time and avoids losses by selling the wrong products. The Facebook Research and Instagram Influencers Finder tools are great add-ons that will help you with the marketing of your products.


You can get access to the My Ecom Spy System for a monthly fee of $97.00.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to upgrade to My Ecom Spy Gold for a one-time payment of $47.00. Now you’ll get access to an Exclusive FB Group and 2 Video Courses: “How To Crush It With Licensed Products” and Insta Ecom (a product worth alone $47.00).

As second upsell, you can upgrade to My Ecom Spy Platinum for a one-time payment of $67.00. Now you’ll get exclusive “One On One Training”.

My My Ecom Spy Bonus

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