Outgrow Review and Bonus [Closed]

Outgrow LogoProduct: Outgrow
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $37.00-$97.00
Creators: Pratam Mittal & Randy Rayess
Easily create interactive quizzes and calculators for maximum user engagement and high converting lead generation. Give instant gratification and personalized answers and recommendations to your customer’s most pressing questions!

New Quizzes and Calculators platform


Update: Sorry, this special deal has been closed. The links go directly to the regular sales page where you can start a free 7 days trial. However, the monthly fees start at $25.00 per month and all the bonuses and OTO’s on this page are not available anymore! (Even the links on this page are no affiliate links anymore)

Check out Social Surveys or QuizFunnels for more affordable alternatives.

For viral contests or giveaways, check out my review about UpViral.

What is Outgrow?

Outgrow is a cloud-based application to create quizzes and calculators (called experiences) to place on your website or blog.

Inside Outgrow you can create 3 types of “experiences”:

  1. Numerical Calculator. Gives a result in the form of a number like a grade, price estimate or percentage.
  2. Outcome Quiz. Gives a result in the form of a recommendation or a suggestion.
  3. Graded Quiz. (Knowledge) test that gives a result in the form of a score, rank or percentage.

The idea behind these quizzes and calculators is to stimulate user engagement, (viral) traffic, and boost conversions by either giving answers to your visitors questions, to test their knowledge (as kind of game), or to use them as kind of survey to segment your visitors (lead generation) and show them laser targeted content based upon their answers/preferences.

Outgrow Create a New Experience

What makes Outgrow so special?

The real power of Outgrow comes with the advanced Formula Builder.

After creating your questions and setting (different) points for each possible answer, you can use the Formula Builder to show different results based upon the individual answers given in the quiz.

The Formula Builder is highly intuitive and built to handle mathematical calculations using the operators like +, *, -, /.

Plus, it can handle over 100 complex mathematical functions like log, factorial, AND, OR etc.

It’s below the scope of this review, but check this tutorial if you want to know/see how to build a (simple) formula.

Steps to setup your quiz/calculator:

  1. Build
    • Select one of the three experience types (Numerical Calculator, Outcome Quiz, Graded Quiz).
    • Select one of the 5 templates (Chicago, Londoner, Greek, Tokyo, Madrid).
    • Select Display (Background Image, Color Palette, Tint, Font) and Welcome Screen settings (Heading, Subheading, Logo, Entry Button Text, Hide Welcome Screen Y/N).
    • Create your questions (see below) and set points for each possible answer.
    • Select/Set Lead Generation Form options as Heading, Fields and Placement (on Welcome Screen, After Questions, on Results Page), Required/Skip Y/N. And configure your welcome email (plus integrate with your ESP/Autoreponder or use Zapier).
    • Set Outcome(s)/Result(s) and Conditional Messaging. Create outcome/results page for each (range of) outcomes. Add media (image or video), Heading, Description, and Call to Action as Redirect URL, Subscribe to Social Feeds (Pro feature), Share on Social Media (Pro Feature).
  2. Configure: General and SEO settings as Name of Calculator, SEO Title/Meta Description, Google Analytics ID, Facebook Pixel ID, Featured Image, Favicon, Language, Number System.
  3. Publish and Go Live (see below).

Publishing Types:

Outgrow automatically creates 3 kinds of sharing options:

  • Sharable URL. Share your quiz/calculator on Social Media.
  • Embed option. Embed your quiz/calculator on a web page.
  • Launch in popup. Show your quiz/calculator inside a popup (Classic or Drawer style) with either button or link as trigger.

What kind of questions can you ask?

There are 4 types of questions you can ask:

  • Single Select questions.
  • Multiple Select questions.
  • Drop-down.
  • Text Input.
  • Opt-in fields (name, email address, telephone, etc.)

For each question you can set:

  • Type of question.
  • Mandatory?
  • Form of question: Image, Icon or Text.
  • Scores for each different answer.
  • Pro Feature: Logic Jump. Jump to specific question after selecting certain answer.

Watch the short demo video:

Or check out this complete tutorial/support website for Outgrow.

Main other features of Outgrow:

  • 5,000 Leads/month and 50,000 visits/month.
  • 3 Types of Experiences (Numerical Calculator, Outcome Quiz, Graded Quiz).
  • Personalized Outgrow Domain. Your quizzes/calculators are hosted for you.
  • Simple Lead Generation. Plus other essential integration with major ESPs (AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Drip, Sendlane, Active Campaign) and Zapier.
  • Simple Smart Formulas.
  • Simple Social CTAs.
  • Mobile Friendly. Outgrow is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.
  • SEO and Language Settings.
  • Simple Statistics & Reporting.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) & all pages are hosted for you. Hence you can reach your dashboard from every browser and device. Nothing to install and super easy to use.
  • Training Videos & Support. Although Outgrow is easy to use, you can always check the training tutorials or contact support.

How can you use Outgrow?

For any quiz, survay, calculation, or segmentation question that you can think about that will result in a specific outcome/result (or range of outcomes).

Some examples:

  • Knowledge tests. Test your visitors knowledge.
  • Character/Profile tests. Setup tests where your visitors get a score or grade for any attitude, skill, or character property.
  • Segmentation survays. Segment your visitors/list based upon their answers/preferences.
  • Calculators as cost or saving calculators, comparison (or alternative choices), time calculator, grade calculator, multiple choice exams, risk calculators, etc.

Are there any shortcomings?

The software itself is easy to use, just follow the steps (as described above) and it works smoothly.

However, there are some points to consider…

The software comes with 5 professional Templates where you can adjust some settings as color scheme, tint, font type and you can change the background image and add your own logo. But although the software is mobile responsive, it doesn’t include a drag and drop editor. Also, the elements (text, images, video) is shown on “fixed places” and the font size can’t be adjusted.

That said, you can preview your result in 3 types of device (PC, Table, Mobile format).

Also, the automatically created result page(s) have a basic standardized lay-out with not much room for additional content or editing.

No big deal if you’re using the redirect option (a button with CTA on the result page) for sending your visitors to your own landing page(s).

Furthermore, I tested the full Pro version (upgrade 1) and couldn’t see/test the differences between the “simple” and “smart” features for Lead Generation, Formulas, Social CTAs and Statistics.

Hence, I don’t know whether the simple features are rather basic or sufficient. Therefore, maybe to get really the most out of Outgrow, you probably want (and need) to upgrade to the Pro version(see below for all extra features).

Why should you buy Outgrow?

Well, Outgrow is the only application I know about that allows you to create advanced Calculators and Quizzes where you can show results based upon (complex) mathematical algorithms (with the Formula Builder).

You can boost your engagement, give instant gratification and personalized answers (or recommendations) to your visitor’s most pressing questions.

It’s a great application for Segmentation & Lead Generation, increasing Engagement (knowledge, character/profile tests), getting (viral) Traffic, and helping clients to find what they are looking for. Especially if you take into account the (one-time) low…

Price & Coupon

During the special introduction launch, you can select out of 3 plans. All with lifetime access for a one-time fee.

If you’re going to use Outgrow for just 1 or 2 experience(s) at a time (and for personal usage only), select the Starter Plan ($37.00-$47.00).

The Personal Plan allows you to have 6 experiences at a time ($47.00+).

But probably for the best deal, choose the Commercial Plan for $97.00+. Now you can have 30 experiences (quizzes and/or calculators) running at the same time. Plus you can use them for commercial usage (sell the quizzes/calculators to your clients).

During the first 8 hours of the launch, you can use this coupon code “30usdoff” (to use on the JVZoo checkout page) to get $30.00 off the Commercial Plan!

The offer has a 14 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the opportunity to upgrade to Outgrow Pro ($147.00+ one-time fee). With Outgrow Pro you’ll get these extra features:

  • Unlimited Leads, Visitors, and Experiences.
  • Custom Domains. Use your own domain instead of a subdirectory of outgrow.co.
  • Charts and Graphics that you can uses inside your results/outcome page.
  • Email Validation feature.
  • Logic Jump. Jump to specific question after selecting certain answer.
  • Advanced Analytics.
  • Funnel Visualization.
  • Custom Branding and remove Outgrow branding.
  • Advanced Smart Formulas.
  • Advanced Social CTA’s. Add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn share buttons and Facebook Like and Twitter Follow buttons to your quizzes and calculators.
  • External Redirects.
  • Live Suppport.

As second upsell, you can get access to the Smart Templates Pack ($47.00). A bunch of DFY high-converting templates that you can use immediately without creating your calculators/quizzes yourself.

As third and final upsell, you can get the Outgrow White Label Rights ($497.00-$1,997.00).

Now, you can sell Outgrow to your own clients and can charge any amount you want and keep 100% of the profits yourself. Your clients get their own subscription link and exactly the same application as the Outgrow buyers. Fully rebrandable with your own logo and brand name!

My Outgrow Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page) you can select 2 products for free on GeorgesDeals.com for each product you’ll buy in the funnel

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To get your bonus (points), just send your receipt to [email protected] and I will send your bonuses and activate your bonus points within 24 hours.

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How do I get my bonuses?
Just send your purchase details to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points and send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Policy and FAQ about bonuses.

Instead of your bonuses, can I get a cash rebate?
Yes, follow this link to see how you can get a cash rebate of 12,5% for (almost) all your products (front-end and/or up- and downsells) purchased via my affiliate links.

How to be sure you'll use my affiliate link?
No worries, follow this link to see how you can check that you'll use my affiliate links.

Can I get updates if you'll write a new review?
I have several Email Lists and other Notification Lists that you can subscribe to. You can select out of Email, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Notifications, and Browser Notifications. I segmented my email lists into 4 main topics: "New Reviews", "New Hacks", "New Product Launches", and "New Software White Label Launches". Just select your favorite topic(s) and way to get notified.

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First check out if you can find them on one of these pages: New Products or the latest JVZoo Picks of the Day. Still not found? Send me an email ([email protected]) and tell me which product you want to buy. And I'll reply with the affiliate link you can use.

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