RebrandPress 2.0 – Pro Review and Bonus

RebrandPress 2.0 Small LogoProduct:RebrandPress 2.0
Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: $21.95
Creators: Sam Robinson & Nakul N.
RebrandPress 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to completely overhaul, rebrand and customize the look and feel of WordPress. It’s the ultimate “White Label” tool for WordPress. Now you can use WordPress as you own Website Building Platform and remove all the WordPress footprints and change them with your branding, images, color schemes and links.

Rebrand WordPress as your own
Website Building Platform

RebrandPress 2.0 Review and Bonus

What is RebrandPress 2.0?

RebrandPress 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to completely overhaul, rebrand and customize the look and feel of WordPress.

It’s the ultimate “White Label” tool for WordPress. Now you can use WordPress as you own Website Building Platform and remove all the WordPress footprints and change them with your branding, images, color schemes and links.

RebrandPress 2.0 allows you to control what your clients/users see and interact with within their WordPress installation.

Clients won’t know that you’re using WordPress to build their sites and you have full control over the user preferences. Hence they won’t know what themes or plugins you are using… and everything about the install looked like your company built it.

So, RebrandPress 2.0 has 3 huge advantages:

1) By rebranding and removing all WordPress footprints, you can ask any price you want for building a website by “secretly” using WordPress. Your clients won’t know if you use free, cheap or expensive themes/plugins solutions. And they’ll see you as the expert with “tailor-made custom solutions”. Hence the barrier to leave you as website builder will be much higher!

2) You can avoid that users will mess up your settings/installs by giving only access to parts your clients can’t harm your settings.

3) You can (cross) sell your own other products or affiliate products from within the WordPress dashboard by adding extra links, buttons, and banners.

Main Features of RebrandPress 2.0:

  • Replace the WordPress branding with your own. Change the logos and links to WordPress for your own.
  • Change the WordPress Color Scheme.
  • Transform your users login screen. Add your logo, change the colors, add background images and more.
  • Manage and control all user preferences. Choose exactly what every single user can and can’t see and do. Hide themes, hide plugin panels, hide anything you want.
  • Hide Latest News, WordPress Footers and Updates. Just remove them with one click.
  • Control all admin/dashboard links and where they go. Add any link you want (tutorial, service/sales, affiliate etc.)
  • Automatically delete default WordPress references like posts, pages and comments.
  • Create all pages for your websites instanteneous, from About Page, Contact Page, Legal Pages and more…
  • Install multiple Plugins at once.
  • Install multiple Themes at once.
  • Easily add Categories, Multiple Blank Pages and Posts.
  • Live Training System Webinar to show you step by step, over the shoulder tutorials on every single setting.

Are there any shortcomings?

Not really, all main WordPress features will stay in tact. You only change the “look and feel” of WordPress. And because it’s open source, you’re allowed to change these settings.

Of course all changes occur “on the screen” of the user. The underlying codes won’t change. So an experienced developer or someone with basic HMTL knowledge can watch the source code from your webpages and can see that you’re using WordPress and which plugins/themes you use (if you didn’t change their names). But most small business owners don’t understand this and will never investigate your source code.

Why should you buy RebrandPress 2.0?

Because it’s a super solution to easily rebrand WordPress as your own “White Label” website building platform. It has all the necessary options to remove all WordPress footprints within seconds.

The additional features to control the user preferences are not only great for hiding the used themes and plugins, but are also great for restricting (user) access to only parts where your users can’t mess up your plugin/themes or other settings.

Finally, you can save time because you can upload multiple Plugins and Themes at once.

So overall, a must have tool for every company that uses WordPress to build websites or sells/installs plugins/themes to local clients.

Watch the full demo video:


For a limited time, you can grab the RebrandPress 2.0 – Pro License for a one-time payment of only $21.95 (unlimited number of personal sites).

After the launch period, the price will increase significantly.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsell or OTO?

As first upsell you can buy RebrandPress 2.0 Developer License ($47.00).

As second upsell, you can buy the DFY WordPress Themes ($47.00). Now you’ll get access to 3 Premium WP Store Press Themes. All highly developed for conversions, ensuring your best chance of success.

The third upsell is The Local Marketing Bootcamp ($67.00). This BootCamp consists of 5 recorded webinar sessions that will greatly help you kickstart your local consultancy business.

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