ReClick 2.0 Review and Bonus

ReClick LogoProduct: ReClick 2.0
Type: Web-based Software
Price: $47.00
Creator: Precious Ngwu
ReClick is a web based app to create powerful custom driven lead generating and sales campaigns for visitors who try to leave your web page. With this App you can Re-capture, Re-engage, or Re-market your visitors and boost conversions and sales. Check out all amazing new features.

Re-Capture, Re-Engage and Re-Market your website visitors based upon their behaviour

ReClick Review and Bonus

What is ReClick 2.0?

ReClick 2.0 is a web based app to create powerful lead generating and sales campaigns for visitors who try to leave your page. You can re-capture, re-engage with, and/or re-market your visitors and segment them based upon prior behavior on your site and based on where they came from before entering your site (50+ segmentation rules).

ReClick isn’t a WordPress plugin. It’s an app and you can get access to the tool from any browser and place your script code on any web page you control. So you don’t need to install anything as with WordPress (no more conflicting plugins!).

Because it’s a SAAS app, your campaigns will be hosted and run by ReClick.

After you created your campaign, you only have to add one single line of script code to your web page.

What kind of campaigns can you create?

  • Opt-in Forms and Lead Generation.
  • Discounts, Coupons and Sales Offers. Segment and laser target your audience to the right offers.
  • Vote or Binary Poll. Let your visitors select between 2 choices.
  • Multi-Poll. Just give your audience a range of choices.

What kind of “interactions” can you create with ReClick?

  • Light Box Popup with Single or 2-Step opt-in.
  • Floating Bar.
  • Slide-in.
  • Full Screen Pattern Interrupt.

User behaviour and Segmentation:

Wit ReClick 2.0, you can setup your campaigns based upon visitors (click) behavior. Hence, you can segment your visitors based upon their actions.

You can show your popups (just in case of):

  • Visitors who have visited a subpage for at least “X” seconds.
  • Vistiors who have opened at least “X” pages.
  • Returning or New visitors.
  • Visitors who are browsing one of these pages.
  • Visitors who have spent at least “X” seconds browsing your website.
  • Visitors from specific countries
  • Visitors who’re about to leave your page/site.
  • Visitor’s preference choice of the poll/vote.
  • [Pro Feature] ReClick Links. Turn any part of your content (could be an image, button or text) into a clickable link that when clicked will pop up your ReClick campaign.

And of course, you can redirect your visitors to any URL or new campaign based upon the buttons they’ve clicked on.

Other features of ReClick

  • SaaS. You don’t have to download or install anything. No WordPress plugin or website needed.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive. Your campaigns will look awesome on any device.
  • Professional Templates. You can select out of 20+ professional designed templates.
  • Live and Real Time Editing Interface. Personalize your triggers, CTA’s, Templates and color settings.
  • Appearance effects. Catch your visitor’s attention with over 40 in-built eye-catchy effects and animations.
  • API Autoresponder integration. ReClick can be used with all major ESP/Autoresponders.
  • Basic Analytics.
  • [ReClick Performance Package Upgrade] Great Analytics. Monitor your stats as total (unique) visitors, impressions (by country or device), shares, votes, click-throughs, subscriptions, conversions. It comes with a Analytics Widgets Platform to truly uncover your most profitable audiences.
  • [ReClick Performance Package Upgrade] Geo-personalisation. Customize a campaign to show the the city, state or country of your visitor to “personalize” your offers.
  • [ReClick Performance Package Upgrade] Split-testing Engine. Super easy to use split-testing feature to find the best performing setups and to test and tweak your campaigns for even better conversions.

Why is ReClick 2.0 so special?

Because it’s not just a popup builder with poll/vote features. It’s…

a very smart app that you can use as a behavior monitoring engine.

By taking advantage of your audience’s (click) behavior, you now can create fully customer driven funnels. Hence, improve your conversions and sales on your existing website/pages without spending more money to get extra traffic.

I don’t know about any comparable product that has all these features combined into one easy to use App.

Watch the demo to see some of the main features in action:

Are there any shortcomings?

This is the updated and second version of the app. I found some small issues, but overall it’s a great app that everyone can use without any technical experiences.

The templates are professional and you can change them easily to fit your website style. And with the appearance effects and different popup styles, you definitely will grab your visitors attention.

Besides the fact that ReClick is a modern and professional “popup builder” with extra vote/poll features, the real power comes with the visitor’s behaviour and segmentation features. Hence, you can setup customer driven funnels.

So, if you already have a popup builder software tool that works fine (like Thrive Leads or EngagiFire), you have to decide whether the extra behaviour (plus poll/vote and split-testing) features are what you really need and if these will improve your conversions and sales and/or improve your user engagement.

Also you can only use ReClick on site you have control over. This is not a hijack popup tool like HiJax, where you can show your popups (after someone clicks on your link) on other (authority) sites.

Finally, there is something you should know. The main front-end product is “only a popup builder”. However, if you buy the Pro Upgrade, then you can also use ReClick as your (landing) page builder. Hence, you don’t need any marketing page builder anymore (like WP Profit Builder or InstaBuilder 2.0.

Although I didn’t test the Pro Version, I really like the fact that you only need one app to create both your popups and landing pages. Something to consider if you just don’t have a marketing page builder yet!

Why should you buy ReClick?

Because with ReClick you have the best web based customer driven “popup builder” software with vote/poll feature on the market.

Now you can really segment your audience based upon your visitor actions.

Without any doubt, ReClick is a great tool to boost your opt-in and sales conversions significantly.


During this special launch for the new version, you can buy ReClick for $49.00 (the price goes up during the launch).

It’s a one-time fee with lifetime and unlimited access.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

As first upsell you have the opportunity to get ReClick Pro ($67.00). Now you get these extra features:

  • ReClick Links (turn any object or link into a campaign itself).
  • ReClick Landers (the marketing page builder).
  • 20+ Extra Templates.
  • Aggressive Call to Action SuperChargers. Now you’ll have Countdown timers, Scroll Bars, Stickers and Arrows to use in your campaigns.
  • Push Button Viral Traffic Engine. Extra options to drive massive viral traffic for free to any page you want.

As you can see, you get lots of extras with the Pro Upgrade. Definitely worth to check it out.

As second upsell you can buy the ReClick Performance Package ($99.00). Now you get the extra Split Testing Engine, Location- Aware Marketing (Geo-personalisation), and Analytics Widgets Platform.

As third upsell, you can get the DFY Upgrade ($147.00-$247.00).

As fourth upsell you can get the ReClick Agency Kit ($247.00). Now you can add up to 5 extra users to your account. For example to use for your VA’s. But you can also decide to sell these extra licenses as a service to local clients for a monthly or yearly fee (Commercial License).

Finally, there is the option that somewhere in the funnel you get an extra possibility to become a member of the ReClick Inner-Circle Platinum Club ($1.00 trial and thereafter $37.00 per month). Now you get every month extra templates, images, social cards and access to the best performing campaigns. Hence, you can use these or use the ideas for your own campaigns to improve your conversions and sales even more.

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