Insta-Stories 2.0 Review and Bonus

Storie LogoProduct: Insta-Stories 2.0
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $34.00-$67.00
Creators: Mario Brown & Oliver Goodwin
Easily create highly engaging and converting animated video Stories that you can place on Instagram or Facebook. Just select your template and add your own 3 images/videos, text fields, audio, and call to action. Use any video or images as footage (from the built-in library or your own) and your video Story is created in a matter of minutes. No technical skills needed. Anyone can now create Instagram Stories super fast.

Easy create Instagram Video (Ads) Stories

Storie 2.0 Review and Bonus

Insta-Stories 2.0 is a web-based software that allows you to easily create short highly engaging and high converting Instagram video Stories (or Video Stories Ads) for posting on social media and/or advertising purposes to mobile device users on Instagram and Facebook.

So. these videos are meant to be watch by mobile device users and are perfectly shown in full length on a mobile phone.

It comes with a library of 60 templates covering all kind of niches and purposes that you can customize with…

your own text fields, 3 images (or even videos), Call To Action, and audio track in a matter of minutes.

Insta-Stories 2.0 is loaded with a library of license-free images, videos and audio that you can use with the click of a button. But you can also upload your own images/videos and audio as well.

How does Insta-Stories 2.0 work?

First login onto your App via your membership account and:

  1. Select a Template. Choose one of the 30+ templates.
  2. Customize your Template. Add your Text fields, images/videos (3x), CTA message (Tagline, Web address), and audio (select from the library or upload your own).
  3. Render, Export & Upload directly (via your mobile) to Instagram. Or download your video to your computer for usage on your blog or on YouTube for example.

No tech skills needed.

What’s new in version 2.0?

In the first version, you got 30 templates. Now with InstaStories 2.0 you’ll get 60 brand new templates (specifically designed for Instagram’s new IGTV technology).

Apart from that, the User Interface has been improved, and the video creation processor has been slightly upgraded for better speed and precision.

You just have to see what’s possible now. Watch this demo video…

And for a short demo (showing version 1.0 in action)…

Armed with this software you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a video software program like Adobe After Effects that takes weeks to learn.

With Insta-Stories 2.0 you can create professional short high attention grabbing video Stories with professional animations in merely minutes.

The software is web-based (SaaS) and can be accessed from any browser or device you want.

Yes, you can even create your videos from your mobile!

How can you use these Stories?

First, Insta-Stories 2.0 has templates from 15-30 seconds that you can use for Instagram Story Ads.

Note: these ads aren’t shown in the regular Instagram user’s feed, but as a Story on top of your Instagram account. Hence, an extremely valuable new ad format to tell your story and attract new followers.

Secondly, you can just use the templates to create your own personal (or branding) Story and grab your followers attention instantly. Hence, without paying for ad costs.

Are there any shortcomings?

It’s really easy to use. You won’t need to watch a tutorial video after you have watched the demo video above.

It’s cloud-based. Hence, you’ll have to wait for the video rendering and hosting done by the vendor. So, during peak hours it (maybe) can take some extra time to render the videos.

Of course, you can always let the software do the rendering and complete another task by just opening another browser tab. So not a real issue, but just be prepared.

The front-end product comes with 60 video Story templates with all kinds of different animations and effects.

Enough to start with and to create stunning Stories and really grab your viewers attention.

Do you need even more templates? Check out the first upsell, where you can become a member of the Storie Template Club.

However, as you can add your own images and videos, the limitations relate only to the style, i.e. animations and effects.

The only real “shortcoming” is that the Templates have a fixed short length of often 15 seconds (some are longer with maximum of 30 seconds).

No big deal, as this software has been developed to create short attention grabbing video Stories. This software is not for Sales Video Letters with minutes of length.

(Note: to easily create Sales Letter Videos, check out my review about EasyVSL 3.0)

With each Story, you can add between 3 to 6 short text messages, and a closing CTA. There is a maximum number of characters for the text fields and CTA. So, you can’t use long sentences.

Although you can change the text color, the text background color and the overall background color, you can’t select your favorite font or font size.

What if you don’t need 3-6 different text messages?

Just delete the pre-filled text inside the message box, or enter the same text as the previous text message.

Furthermore, with the main front-end, you are only allowed to connect one Instagram account. If you want to use more accounts, you have to upgrade to Insta-Stories 2.0 Pro (Upgrade 2) where you can connect unlimited Instagram accounts. (Plus with this upgrade, you’ll get the Resell Rights and can add 5 team members. Hence, I highly recommend you to get the Pro version as well)

Again, no big deal, as you can download your Story videos and upload them manually to any Instagram you manage.

Also, Insta-Stories 2.0 is not a video player, it’s a video, annex Instagram Story creator. So, you can’t add hyperlinks, buttons or other clickable elements inside your video.

What about support and updates?

Well, to be honest, the support is not that great and Mario and Oliver are known as serial product launchers.

So, don’t expect any (major) free updates.. and if they come up with an update as this version 2.0, you’ll again have to pay the full amount!

That said, the special launch price is a bargain deal and worth your investment (if you can and will use this software right-away).

Why should you buy Insta-Stories 2.0?

Because with Insta-Stories 2.0 you can easily create short highly engaging and high converting video (Ads) Stories for Instagram or other social media and advertising purposes. You can select out of 30+ professional Templates and customize them with your own images or any video as footage, add text captions and audio in a matter of minutes.

The videos or Stories are perfect for ads on mobile devices.

And did you know that short “15 second video” ads are the best converting ads on Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube!

And yes, of course, you can sell these videos for big bucks to your local clients or anyone interested in high quality attention grabbing videos (if you buy the Commercial License Upgrade).

Before it would cost you fortunes to (let) create these kind of videos. Now you can create them too. Especially if you take into account the ….

Price, Coupon & Extras

For a limited time (during this 3 days launch, ends August 12th at Midnight EST), you can buy Insta-Stories 2.0 for a one-time price of just $39.00+.

(the + means that the price increases during the launch up to $67.00)

However, you can use Coupon Code ‘insta5’ to get $5.00 off (or insta3 to get $3.00 off).

As special launch extra, you’ll get 30 extra templates (30 regular + 30 extra), plus you’ll get the commercial license.

Hence, you can sell your created videos to your clients.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to become a member of the Insta-Stories 2.0 Template Club ($39.00 p/m). Now, you’ll get instantly access to 20 stunning and brand new Video Templates, plus 10 new Templates every month.

As second upsell, you can get the Storie Pro Upgrade ($39.00-$57.00). Now, you’ll get these extra’s:

  • 5 Extra Accounts For Your Team.
  • Unlimited Renders & Video Creation!
  • Unlimited Instagram Connections.
  • Resell Rights to sell Insta-Storie2 2.0 – Keep 100% for every front-end sale and 50% for each upgrade sale.

As third upsell, you can get a discount for Viddictive 2.0 ($39.00-$47.00). Read my Viddictive 2.0 review for all details about this “other” video creation tool.

As final upsell, you can get a discount for VidElligence 2.0 ($39.00-$47.00). Read my VidElligence vs Clipman review for all details about this “other” video creation tool.

My Insta-Stories 2.0 bonus

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And you’ll get these 4 standard bonuses

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