Survay Review and Bonus [+Coupons]

Survay Logo SmallProduct: Survay
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $67.00 p/m
Creator: Chad Nicely
New integrated Survey/Application & Appointment platform. Easily qualify your leads with an application form (survey) and let them schedule an appointment in the calendar (or send unqualified leads to any URL you want). Huge time saver (and pre-qualifier) for any business offering mid- to high ticket class coaching webinars or (private) consulting services.

New integrated Survey/Questionnaire/Application and Appointment platform

Survay Review and Bonus

What is Survay?

Survay is a cloud-based application with 2 main modules to create:

  1. Surveys and questionnaires (f.e. for subscriptions or applications).
  2. Appointment Scheduler.

And the best part…

You can integrate (i.e link) these 2 together and show the Appointment Scheduler only to qualified leads based upon the answer(s) they gave in the survey/application form (and send all unqualified leads to any URL you want).

For each answer you can set points, and to qualify the lead should obtain a fixed number of points.

What makes Survay so special?

As far as I know, it’s the first application that combines Surveys with an Appointment Scheduler based upon given answers.

Survay is great for pre-qualifying leads and for selling mid- to high ticket class coaching webinars or (private) consulting services.

After setup once, everything has been fully automated.

You can even automatically send unlimited email reminders to your applicants.

Steps to setup your survey:

  1. Create your questions (see below).
  2. Optional re-order the questions anyway you want. Note: for each Survey Type (App/Site/Web) you can choose different ordering.
  3. Add customization as Title, Description and Footer, select Survey colors and background image. Plus you can add a video in between the title/description and before the questions!
  4. Add 1 automated actions. For example send qualified leads to appointment page. Or send unqualified leads to default, custom URL or Lead Capture page. (With Pro Upgrade, you can add more automated actions)
  5. Share and Publish.

3 Publishing Types:

Survay automatically creates 3 kinds of surveys all with different layout (but you only have to create the questionnaire once):

  • Application Survey. This is just a simple black/white/grey form without all the smug as you can see in this example.
  • Site Survey. This is a one page form where you can select your colors and background image (see this very ugly example).
  • Web Survey. Here you can also select your colors and background, but the viewer has to use the arrows to see each question from left to right separately (see example).

Plus as publishing option, you can choose to use the Survey Widget. The widget consists of a few clickable icons that you can place on any web page you control. You can add your survey, application form, email subscription, and call us now icon to the widget.

What kind of questions can you ask?

There are several types of questions you can ask:

  • Closed 2 Answer questions (as Y/N questions).
  • Multiple Choice questions.
  • Open questions with Text box answers.
  • Date questions (f.e. birth day).
  • Star rating questions.
  • Personal information questions (name, email address, telephone, etc.)

For each question you can set:

  • Enable qualification criteria.
  • Mandatory?
  • Multiple selections?
  • Scores for each different answer.

Steps to setup your Appointment Page:

  1. Appointment Basics: Name, description, Type of instructions, description instructions. And optional if you upgrade to PRO: charge for appointment Y/N.
  2. Available Options: Appointment length, starting/end date, (max) number of attendees, availability (set time blocks or use defaults as in advanced settings).
  3. Advanced settings: Appointment Time buffers (before/after), Advance/Limit Bookings (minimum days in advance and maximum days in future), Look Busy (fill time blocks), Allow Changes Y/N.
  4. Form Fields and Reminders. Required form fields (as name, email, address, location, phone). Use email reminders Y/N and choose default or specific reminder settings.
  5. Add automated actions. For example send qualified leads to appointment page. Or send unqualified leads to default, custom URL or Lead Capture page.
  6. Add customization as Logo, Profile Picture, Display Social Icons Y/N, Enable video (add video to appointment page), set URL redirect after appointment has been scheduled. Plus optional (Pro Upgrade) Show related appointments Y/N.
  7. Share and Publish. Publish on the hosted page by Survay, Embed on your own site, or use the script code to show as widget.

There is an easy to use extra module where you’ll see all your surveys and appointments that have been connected to each other (as automated actions).

Watch the full webinar given by Chad Nicely, the vendor, showing all details below:

Main other features of Survay:

  • Unlimited Surveys and Appointments. Yes, you can create multiple Appointments and use them with the “same calendar”.
  • 3 Types of Surveys: application survey, web survey, and site survey.
  • Time Slots. Use default or specific time slots, select your Time Zone, “Look Busy” settings, Buffer Zones, and Google Calendar integration.
  • Customization & Branding for both surveys and appointment pages.
  • Language Settings. Use Survay in any language you want.
  • GotoMeeting & Zoom Integration. Plus other essential integration with major ESPs, marketing/webinar/meeting software, and payment providers will be added soon.
  • Mobile Friendly. Survay is 100% compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Statistics & Reporting. Easy to use dashboard with both overall and specific details per survey/appointment with all conversion stats with .csv file export feature.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) & all pages are hosted for you. Hence you can reach your dashboard from every browser and device. Nothing to install and super easy to use.
  • Training Videos & Support. Although Survay is easy to use, you can always check the training tutorials or contact support.
  • Extra Bonus: High Ticket Masterclass.

How can you use Survay?

Of course, you can use Survay as stand-alone application to create Surveys and/or Appointment Scheduler pages.

But the real power comes with the integration of these 2 modules.

Now you can let your subscribers fill in all the questions you have and thereafter (if qualified) let them schedule their appointment.

So, be creative and think about the new opportunities.

Some examples:

  • Use the appointment scheduler for your next (paid) webinar and ask not only personal details but also what subjects your attendees want to discuss.
  • Automate your appointment scheduling on complete autopilot. It doesn’t matter if you are a Consultant, Dentist/Doctor, or anyone else who uses appointments with their clients. You can use Survay to ask all kinds of questions what you want to know from your clients before they attend your appointment (on location or online).
  • Pre-qualify leads into different segments and offer different solutions (f.e. different appointments based upon knowledge, different price levels, different CTAs – send them to different sales or web pages).

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, if you only need a survey tool or just a application scheduling tool, there are other and cheaper solutions. But if you want to combine these two tools, Survay is the only application I know about that has linked these 2 separate tools together in one application.

The software itself is easy to use, just follow the steps (as described above) and works smoothly.

However, although you can customize several settings and choose from different styles, it hasn’t a drag and drop editor to customize your pages on an inch by inch base.

That said, you probably won’t need that kind of detailed style customization. At least the pages are mobile responsive and look professional enough for me.

(Note: it’s my opinion that the site and web survey examples in the demo video look very ugly, but you choose your own colors and background image to match your style)

Furthermore, I would have expected more integration with at least the major Autoresponders and Payment providers (but the vendors have indicated on the sales page that they will add these soon).

However, after seeing the sales page of the Survay Pro, I now understand what the sellers have done…

They liberally didn’t add these features in the main front-end product but in the Pro Upgrade.

Hence, to get really the most out of Survay, you probably want (and need) to upgrade (see below).

Why should you buy Survay?

Well, Survay is the only application I know about that can combine surveys and appointment scheduling into one application. It’s perfect to qualify leads with a survey and only send qualified leads to your appointment page (and send unqualified visitors to any URL you want). Especially for consultants or anyone else who sells mid- to high ticket class coaching webinars or (private) consulting services.

Or use it as automated appointment scheduling system where you can ask your attendees to fill in your survey form upfront (perfect for dentists, doctors etc.)

So a great application for every business that uses appointments and want to know more about their leads/clients before the actual appointment will take place.

Price & Coupons

You can get access to Survay for $67.00 per month.

(Note: although on the sales page there is a lifetime price mentioned, this lifetime offer has been closed and you can only opt for the monthly membership)

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the opportunity to upgrade to Survay Pro ($197.00 per year). With Survay Pro you’ll get these extra features:

  • Lead Gates and Exits. Instead of asking visitors to enter their email address in the survey form, you now have more powerful options. Either use a lead gate before the survey can be filled in, or ask after filling in the survey, or even after they have been qualified. Plus with Pro you can use exit
  • Automated Actions. As far as I understand, with Pro you can use more than one Automated Actions and can combine them into one “campaign” (or use exit lead gates as additional automated actions).
  • Show Related Appointments.
  • Charge for Appointments.
  • 60 Ready to go Templates for your Surveys.
  • Extra widget features as fired on “Exit Intent” and/or on “Page Load”.
  • Payment Provider Integration with Stripe and PayPal.
  • Infusionsoft Integration. Assign triggers and tags to certain actions (submit, (dis)qualify).

As second and final upsell, you can get the Survay Agency/Reseller Rights ($1,997.00).

Now, you can sell Survay to your own clients (unlimited licenses) and can charge any amount you want and keep 100% of the profits yourself. Your clients get their own subscription link and exactly the same application as the Survay Pro buyers. Fully rebrandable with your own logo and brand name!

My Survay Bonus

If you buy through my affiliate link (just click on any link on this page) you can select 3 product for free on (if you’ll buy the lifetime license) and 3 extra products if you’ll also buy the Pro Upgrade.

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