Top 25 Best Selling Products on JVZoo

JVZoo top 25 Best Sellers (updated June 2017)

How did I select the Best Sellers?

I searched for the front-end products with the highest Sales Funnel Value.

As you can only filter per individual product in the JVZoo product database, I used this formula to calculate the Sales Funnel Value:

(Number of Total Funnel Sales) X (Average Sales Funnel Price) = Total Sales Funnel Value.

In the table below, I have classified the top 25 best selling products by Sales Funnel Value.

It includes front-end products launched the last 3 years and could still be purchased at the moment of this writing (January 2018).

Launched # Funnel Sales Sales Value Link
06/28/2016 93,500+ $4,669,765 Sales Page
Review Page
Peter Roszak
05/05/2014 110,500+ $3,476,330 Sales Page
Easy Sketch Pro v1-3
Paul Lynch
06/01/2014 44,000+ $1,518,880 Sales Page
Review Page
Explaindio v1-3
Andrew Darius
11/11/2014 32,000+ $1,391,680 Sales Page
Review Page
VideoMotion Pro
Josh Ratta/Sorin Asaftei
04/21/2015 15,500+ $1,039,585 Closed
YouZign 1.0 + 2.0
02/18/2015 25,500+ $1,105,285 Sales Page
Review Page
Paul Ponna/Todd Gross
02/17/2017 25,500+ $950,895 Sales Page
Review Page
Profit Builder
Sean Donahoe
09/16/2014 15,500+ $892,645 Sales Page
Review Page
Viddyoze Live Action
06/26/2017 16,500+ $873,015 Sales Page
Review Page
VideoBuilder App
Paul Ponna/Todd Gross
07/19/2017 21,000+ $771,330 Sales Page
Review Page
Azon Authority
Sean Donahoe
04/02/2015 7,500+ $744,975 Sales Page
Review Page
Luke Maguire
07/27/2016 16,500+ $721,710 Sales Page
Josh Ratta
02/16/2016 9,500+ $603,630 Sales Page
Hydravid Cloud
Walt Bayliss
03/08/2016 21,000+ $526,680 Sales Page
Review Page
Landing Page Monkey
Promote Labs Inc.
12/04/2014 14,000+ $477,260 Sales Page
Viral Autobots
Luke Maguire
12/09/2015 12,000+ $486,000 Sales Page
03/14/2017 9,000+ $451,260 Sales Page
Review Page
Stream Store
Ariel Sanders
09/13/2016 11,500+ $394,325 Sales Page
Lowell Rempel
10/12/2015 4,500+ $430,830 Sales Page
Fred Lam
02/21/2016 8,500+ $389,555 Sales Page
Webinar JEO
Walt Bayliss
11/03/2016 3,500+ $368,410 Sales Page
Review Page
IMSC Rapid Mailer
Sean Donahoe
04/08/2014 7,500+ $323,775 Sales Page
My Unfair Advantage
Omar Martin
03/20/2015 4,000+ $321,075 Sales Page
MintsApp 2.0
Precious Ngwu
09/27/2015 6,000+ $313,620 Sales Page
Reclick 2.0
Precious Ngwu
01/06/2016 5,500+ $309,450 Sales Page
Review Page
Joshua Zamora
07/09/2015 7,500+ $305,475 Sales Page
Commission Machine
Michael Cheney
02/24/2015 14,000+ $299,180 Sales Page
Review Page
Andrew Darius
12/13/2016 6,500+ $295,815 Sales Page
Review Page

1) JVZoo doesn’t show the exact number of sales but round them down to the nearest “round number” (of 500 or 1,000 sales). Hence, calculated Gross Sales Funnel Value in table above is often lower than the actual value.
2) Numbers are Gross Sales Values. Refunds were not taken into account.
3) Table doesn’t show products with recurring fees and high-priced ticket products (i.e. front-end sales price higher than $300.00).
4) Some products have been launched more than once. Especially if there were new software upgrades. I added these up together.

Top 20 Vendors 2017 on JVZoo

Below the official top vendors with their main products (links to my review or sales page):

  1. Viddyoze Team (Viddyoze, Graphitti)
  2. Michael Cheney (The Commission Machine, Fan Page Money Method, Commission Black Ops, Commission Cartel, Commissionology)
  3. Paul Ponna (VideoBuilder App & VideoPal)
  4. Ankur Shukla (WP Freshstart 4.0, Tube Rank Machine, WP SocialContact, WP Suite, BacklinkMachine, WP Tag Machine, EmailFindr)
  5. Luke Maguire (InstaMate 2.0 (closed), Instaeasy (closed), Live Leap, OctoSuite. Viral Autobots)
  6. Explaindio LLC – Andrew Darius (Explaindio 3.0, ClipGraph, ClipToGif, ClipDramatizer, Promoyze)
  7. Alfredo Delgado
  8. Walter Bayliss (Webinar JEO, Data JEO, Discover, RepWarn, Hydravid Cloud)
  9. Dr. Amit Pareek (lots of Training PLR products, WP SociXplode, ProfitMozo)
  10. Dan Anton (, BackLinksIndexer)
  11. Brett Ingram & Mo Latiff (Quotamator, AutoSoci, Flictive, Vizully)
  12. Chad Nicely (EverLesson, Survay)
  13. VideoRemix (SmartVideo)
  14. Cyril Gupta (Viral Reach, Memester, PinFlux, List Janitor, LiveCaster)
  15. Memeplex Limited – Chris X (Traffic Titan 3, Zen Titan 2, Video Titan X, T-Shirt Titan 2)
  16. Sean Donahoe (WP Profit Builder 2.0, Azon Authority, LeadsFlow Pro, IMSC Rapid Mailer)
  17. Youzign (YouZign 2.0, Gifzign)
  18. Joshua Zamora (DFY Chief, SyndBuddy, SyndLab)
  19. Richard Madison (Lifetime Stock Video, Lifetime.Chat, Lifetime Studio FX, Lifetime.Hosting)
  20. Ben Murray (MultiStore Builder, SharpSocial – among many now closed offers)

Categorization and drill down of best sellers

The top 5 products are all video creation tools. Hence, you can say that video marketing and related products are really hot.

Among the video creation tools there are different categories…

First, the more all-round (sales) video creating tools as Explaindio 3.0, VideoMakerFX (both merely for Animation style videos), and Easy Sketch Pro (for Doodle style videos).

Secondly, the focus has been shifted towards easy to create short attention grabbing videos for Facebook or YouTube ads and/or for social media purposes as Viddyoze and VIDGEOS.

And more recently: Viddictive, VidElligence, Clipman, and Reevio.

Read my article how to create short attention grabbing videos for social media and advertising purposes to see what the differences are between these applications.

As third category and interesting sub niche, Paul Ponna and Todd Gross came up with 2 best-selling Video Spokespersons apps: VideoPal and VideoBuilder App.

Finally, some new video creation apps came to the market dedicated for a specific purpose as Canvas for Facebook Header Videos, and Insta Storie for Instagram Stories.

Of course, with the increased interest in video marketing, you want to rank your videos as well. The best way to rank videos is still with (social) back links that can be achieved with VideoRankr and Hydravid.

As it’s all about attention grabbing, every marketer needs tool to create/edit images, memes, quotes, GIFs, and Cinemagraphs.

Graphitti created by the Viddyoze team was the best selling Cinemagraphs creator tool followed by Explaindio’s ClipGraph, and Brett Ingram’s Flicktive.
(Read my Flicktive vs ClipGraph vs Graphitii Review).

The best selling Image Editing Software still is YouZign. However, the same as with video templates with easy to adjust scenes, the market screams for easy to use graphics mockup apps as Richard Madison’s Lifetime Studio FX (formerly sold by Jimmy Kim) and Radu’s Designo Pro 2.

(Note: Richard Madison had 2 other big launches in 2107 with Lifetime Hosting and Lifetime Stock Video)

With respect to Quotes, Brett Ingram and Mo Latif did a great launch with Quotamator.

The next hot trend is Print-on-Demand & Dropshipping. It started with Print-on-Demand T-shirt selling on platforms as TeeSpring, Represent and ViralStyle (products as Tee Inspector, Tee Advantage (now closed), and Pi Scaled) and broadens to other physical products, like dropshipping products sourced via AliXpress, and marketed via platforms as Shopify and FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

However, selling Amazon products as affiliate is still popular and so are Amazon Store Builders as Azon Authority and Stream Store. Or Lowell Rempel’s Amazon Spying tool ASINSpector.

In the best seller list, there are some unique software tools to get viral traffic via social media as OctoSuite, Viral Autobots, Reclick 2.0, and Mints App 2.0. (Check out also UpViral – launched via ThriveCart‘s affiliate platform).

Of course, we find some products related to the “evergreen” topic Email Marketing & List Building. Especially 2 tools for using your own server as email sender (MailX and IMSC Rapid Mailer) were popular.

Other popular evergreen products are Marketing Page Builders (Profit Builder, iGloo, and Landing Page Monkey).

As last software category, the market has been hit by a bunch of Webinar Software Applications as Webinar JEO, Webinar Fushion Pro, Easy Webinar 4.0, Demio, and WebinarJam (last 3 are not sold via JVZoo).

What about Training and Courses?

Just 2 inside the top 25…

Omar & Melinda Martin’s My Unfair Advantage is a membership site with Live Webinars, Products, Training, Software and Tools to build your online business.

And Michael Cheney had some excellent and affordable video courses as his The Commission Machine, Fanpage Money Method, Commission Black Ops, Commission Cartel, Commissionology all with thousands of sales.

However, the “real” money came from his 7-Figure Franchise upsell ($1,997) with 500+ sales (hence, passing $ 1 million). It’s a franchise where affiliates get access to all his products, can sell all Michael’s products with 100% commissions (except the franchise itself with 50% commissions) and use all his promo material (as emails).

Anyway, by “giving away the whole farm” Michael made a decent income and got lots of new buyers to whom he can send his daily (affiliate promo) emails to..

So far my quick categorization and summary of the 25 best selling products.

“Serial Launchers” with high combined sales

Of course, as vendor you want your product to be as successful and make as many sales as possible, but with several minor products launches, overall, you can beat a vendor with just one or two products.

A good example is Ankur Shukla, the number 4 Top Seller in 2017, who launched one software product on average each month in 2017 (see the list behind his name above).

Or Dr. Amit Pareek (number 8 Top Seller) with lots of Training PLR products, and several other software products as WP SociXplode and ProfitMozo.

Just below the top 10 are “serial launchers” as Cyril Gupta, Brett Ingram & Mo Latif, and Chris X from Memeplex.

What do you need to become a best seller?

First, you need quality products and a good converting sales funnel. All top selling products are either software tools or high-end video training courses (or a combination of them). A PDF training course won’t be sufficient (or it should include PLR and video training as upsell). Also, the product/training should be really giving value and cover a new/recent trend or new automation possibility.

The main hot topics for Internet Marketers are more or less categorized above and will be the same the coming years.

However, there will also be changes. Internet marketers will always search for:

  • new (free or paid) traffic sources,
  • new ways to communicate and engage with leads/buyers (How to build your Tribe besides via email marketing?),
  • new niches and markets and/or new products to create/promote (spy on your competition),
  • new ways to automate repeating (manual) tasks,
  • new ways to use new techniques and information technology,
  • new ways to increase conversions and ROI.

Secondly, you’ll need affiliates who will promote your products. And you can only be a top seller if the top affiliates will promote your product.

To convince top affiliates to promote your product/launch, you’ll need duh…

at least a quality and high converting product (funnel) with high EPC…

but you’ll probably need to do some additional things as:

  • Have a launch contest with inspiring prices to win.
  • Create promotional material (like swipe files and bonuses).
  • Give special privileges to top affiliates (like affiliate % bumps, create “exclusive” bonuses).
  • Give extra support and access to you (or your launch team) to help affiliates with their campaigns.
  • Reciprocate and support top affiliates own product launches.

Or to say it in other words…

“I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”

So, that’s why (almost) all top sellers are also (top) affiliates themselves as you can see in my article Top 10 JVZoo Affiliates and what you can learn from them.

Hence, it can be very difficult to become a best seller for your first product release.

Simple because the top affiliates just won’t know you… yet…

The best way to overcome this obstacle is to partner with a well-known product seller, affiliate manager, or campaign manager who has the necessary experience and connections.

And be in mind, behind all successful products (at least in the table above), there was always a team involved.

So don’t try to do everything yourself (from product creating, copywriting, logo & web design, setting up the sales pages, attracting affiliates etc.). Do the thing(s) you’re good at and outsource tasks or partner with others who are better in their specific fields.

Anyway, I hope this page did help you to get a better insight in which products are the best sellers on JVZoo and why.

Use this knowledge to setup your own product funnels or select your favorite “evergreen” products to promote as an affiliate.

Feel free to check out all sales pages and my reviews. You can learn a lot by just “spying on” successful sales pages and funnels.

Or read my reviews to learn why these products are awesome (and/or maybe have some shortcomings too).

Note: to become a seller or affiliate on JVZoo, you need a separate JVZoo Sellers/Affiliate Account (besides a Customer’s Account – if you bought a product via the JVZoo platform). You can use this Sellers/Affiliate account for both your own products and to promote products from others as an affiliate.

Click on this link to register for your JVZoo Sellers/Affiliate account.

Or check out my Affiliate Platform Comparison review where I compare JVZoo with 6 other affiliate platforms.

Affiliate disclosure: all links on this page are affiliate or internal links (to pages with possible affiliate links). If you buy products through these links, I will probably get a commission. To reward you, I will always give bonuses if you buy through my links. For any questions or to request your bonuses, send an email to [email protected]

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