Twitter Marketing Software Package

Twitter Marketing Software Package

Cloud Based Software Tools for
Twitter Marketers

Usually, you’ll find reviews on my blog. Actually, I wrote a review about the products I’ll describe on this page. However, the products were taken off the market.

[Update: the seller re-opened this product for a limited time, read my review here, but come back to this page for a better deal!]

Luckily, I bought the resell rights to sell these 3 software tools myself.

Because I didn’t create a sales page yet, I’ll use this page to show you the main features for these 3 tools.

Tools that any active Twitter user and especially Twitter Marketer can benefit of.

The 3 “Follower Tools”:

  1. Follower Manager. A great tool to get free Twitter traffic. Follow and unfollow with just one click. Find the right people to follow by easily copying followers from other authority Twitter users. Or follow those people who the authority user follows himself. Analyze your top Tweets and those from others. Spy on your competition. Send direct messages to all your followers and more…
  2. Follower Scheduler. A great tool to schedule your Tweets in advance.
  3. Follower Grabber. With one click, grab all the Follower user IDs from a specific Twitter account. And use these as targeted audience for your Twitter Ad campaigns.

Follower Manager

What is Follower Manager?

Follower Manager is the ultimate Twitter Follower Management tool. With Follower Manager you can easily:

  • Delete Non-Followers.
  • Follow Fans (people that follow you but you don’t follow them yet).
  • Copy Followers. Just select (an Authority) Twitter username and copy his/her followers by just clicking on the individual people you want to follow.
  • Copy Following. Again just select a Twitter username but this time you can follow the same people that the Authority him or herself follows.
  • Manage all your Followers from one central place.
  • Delete Inactive Followers.
  • Analyze your Tweets and ReTweet. Order your best Tweets and Tweet them again (with optional editing your Tweets).
  • Analyze Others Top Tweets and ReTweet (for all the popular Tweets from others).
  • Automate Your Tweets. Send thank you Tweets automatically if someone follows you.

Watch the demo to see these features in action:

Follower Scheduler

What is Follower Scheduler?

Follower Scheduler is a great tool to schedule your Tweets in advance from one central dashboard. See the demo video below:

Follower Grabber

What is Follower Grabber?

With Follower Grabber you can grab all the Follower User IDs from a specific Twitter account. Then you can easily export these IDs to a .csv file and import that file as targeted audience for your Twitter Ad campaigns.

There are 3 ways to find Twitter users with the best Twitter Followers to target:

  • People. Just enter a name of an authority in your niche and you get a list of all Twitter users consisting that name in their account. To help you find the real authority, you’ll see the User IDs, Names, Usernames, and number of Followers. Now just select the proper Twitter account and hit “Get Follower IDs”. (If you already know the Twitter username or ID, you can directly enter these)
  • Trends. View the latest worldwide trends or enter a specific location. Trends are shown as either hashtag or keyword.
  • Tweets. Just enter your keyword or hashtag and you get a list of all Tweets with that keyword/hashtag. Per Tweet, you’ll see the User ID, User Picture, Name, Username, Tweet Texts, Number or retweets, number of Favorites and a button to view the Tweet.

Of course, the ultimate is to create custom audiences that include laser targeted Twitter users in your niche.

Hence the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your Twitter ads will be higher and your ad costs will be lower, resulting in a higher ROI and more money in your pocket.

Now, you can take advantage of the “followers building”, hard work and popularity of others on Twitter. Just grab all their Followers UIDs within seconds…

You can easily build/create your “list of prospects” with no hard work at all.

Watch this short demo video:

So, what’s next?

If you want to buy all the 3 software tools, you can buy them by clicking below for just $67.00.

This is a super deal because now you get 3 software tools for the price of one!

Buy Follower Manager, Follower Scheduler and Follower Grabber now ====>GetAccessNow


This page goes to a checkout page with several products on it. Just scroll down to the link for this package deal.

My legal Company name is Next Challenge. Hence, that’s what you see on the PayPal checkout page.

Because I have to create your account and login settings manually, please give me some time to activate your account. Usually, I’ll activate your account within 24 (business) hours.

If you didn’t get an email with your account settings within 24 hours, just send an email to [email protected].

Of course, this offer has a 30 day no questions asked guarantee period. If you’re for whatever reason not satisfied with your purchase, I’ll immediately refund your full purchase amount without any questions.

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