Vidoyo Review and Bonus

Vidoyo LogoProduct: Vidoyo
Type: Cloud-based Software
Price: $67.00-$77.00
Creators: Mario Brown & Andrew Darius
Easily create short highly engaging and high converting videos (or GIFs) for social media and advertising purposes. Use any video as footage (from the built-in library or your own). And add attention grabbing, colorful animated text captions plus audio in your video in a matter of minutes.

Easy add colorful animated text captions to any video footage

Vidoyo Review and Bonus

Vidoyo is a re-launch of Vidizi. Vidizi was originally launched 5 months ago by Jimmy Kim, but he sold the rights of the software.

Vidoyo is a web-based software that allows you to easily create short highly engaging and high converting videos (or GIFs) for social media and advertising purposes.

It allows you to use any (short) video as footage and add attention grabbing captions in your video and add audio in a matter of minutes.

For each different scene (a number of seconds), you can select the placement of your overlays, the colors, the fonts, the styling, and the animation effects.

Vidoyo Caption Text Appearance Settings

And as additional great feature, you can easily replace the video footage for another video.

This way you can keep the same captions, style and effects but use in on another video.

Vidoyo is loaded with a library of 100% unique and license-free video and audio that you can use with the click of a button. But you can also use YouTube videos or upload your own videos and audio as well.

How does Vidoyo works?

  1. Start/Select a project and choose video source. Upload your own video, select a video from YouTube, or select from the built-in library of 100+ professional and high quality videos – ranging from all kinds of different scenes. (Note: you can preview the videos from inside the library)
  2. Edit your video. Add your captions – see image above and select Text, Positions, Allignments, Fonts, Styles & Sizes, Text/Background Color, Shadow Y/N, Text Animations (Fade In/out etc.). And add your audio (select from the library).
  3. Preview, Save Project and Download, and you’re all set. Besides as HD video, you can even download/convert your video as a GIF.

Just wait for the rendering, and you’ll have your HD video (or GIF) within minutes…

No tech skills needed.

You just have to see what’s possible. Watch this demo video…

Armed with this software you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a video software program like Adobe After Effects that takes weeks to learn.

And of course, you won’t have to record these scenes yourself (if you use the library).

With Vidoyo you can create professional short high attention grabbing videos with beautiful scenes in merely minutes – presented in one easy-to-use system.

The software is web-based (SaaS) and can be accessed from any browser or device you want.

Yes, you can even create your videos from your mobile!

YouTube discontinued video annotations

As YouTube stopped supporting video annotations, tools as Vidoyo becomes more and more important.

(Note: use End Screen and Cards instead of annotations for YouTube videos to get traffic to your website)

So, with this knowledge, Vidoyo is the perfect tool for quickly adding text captions in your videos.

Are there any shortcomings?

No, all the bugs have been solved in the prior release of Vidizi.

I’ve bought Vidizi (the successor) myself and it’s really easy to use.

It’s cloud-based. Hence, you’ll have to wait for the video rendering and hosting done by the vendor. So, during peak hours it (maybe) can take some extra time to render the videos.

Of course, you can always let the software do the rendering and complete another task by just opening another browser tab. So not a real issue, but just be prepared.

The front-end product comes with over 100 video templates with all kinds of different scenes.

Enough to start with and to create stunning videos and really grab your viewers attention.

Do you need even more templates? Check out the first 2 upsells, where you can instantly get 400 and/or 500 additional exclusive custom Marketing Videos.

However, as you can add your own videos and/or use YouTube videos, there will never be a shortage of videos that you can use.

The only real “shortcoming” is that the maximum length of the videos that you can use inside Vidoyo is 20 seconds and all the 100 template videos have a fixed length of 15 seconds.

No big deal, as this software has been developed to create short attention grabbing videos. This software is not for Sales Video Letters with minutes of length.

(Note: to easily create Sales Letter Videos, check out my review about EasyVSL 3.0)

As the software is automatically dividing your video in 4 scenes, the length of a scene is anywhere between 2-5 seconds.

The perfect time to read short text messages.

What if you don’t need 4 scenes (different text messages)?

Just delete the pre-filled text inside the message box, or enter the same text as the previous text message.

Also, Vidoyo is not a video player, it’s a video creator. So, you can’t add hyperlinks, buttons or other clickable elements inside your video.

Therefore you need PressPlay, vooPlayer, or other video player.

Why should you buy Vidoyo?

Because with Vidoyo you can easily create short highly engaging and high converting videos (or GIFs) for social media and advertising purposes. You can use any video as footage (from the built-in library or your own) and add attention grabbing, colorful animated text captions plus audio in your video in a matter of minutes.

And did you know that short “15 second video” ads are the best converting ads on Facebook and/or YouTube!

And yes, of course, you can sell these videos for big bucks to your local clients or anyone interested in high quality attention grabbing videos (if you buy the front-end Commercial License).

Before it would cost you fortunes to (let) create these kind of videos. Now you can create them too. Especially if you take into account the ….


You can get access to the Vidoyo Personal License for a one-time price of $67.00-$77.00.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to get the Vidoyo Pro Templates. Now, you instantly get 400 exclusive custom Marketing Videos (plus 100 Royality Free Music tracks).

As second upsell, you can get the Vidoyo Platinum Templates. Now, you instantly get 500 additional exclusive custom Marketing Videos.

As final upsell, you can get the Agency (Commercial) License for the main front-end product and upsell videos.

My Vidoyo bonus

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