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WP Profit TriggersProduct: WP Profit Triggers
Type: WordPress Plugin
Price: $17.00-$19.95
Creator: Neil Napier
[User Behavioral WordPress Plugin] Trigger and segment your website visitors by Time on Site, Number of Visits, Dates, Country, and/or Scroll % on Page. Show your popups, redirect and/or retarget to only the most engaging visitors on your website based upon their actual behavior.

Segment your website visitors based upon actual behavior. Only show popups and/or retarget to your most engaging audience.

WP Profit Triggers

What is WP Profit Triggers?

WP Profit Triggers is a WordPress plugin to segment your website visitors based upon their actual behavior on your website (triggers) followed by subsequent specific actions (popups, retargeting, redirecting) to only those laser-targeted segmented audiences.

The plugin monitors 5 types of visitors’ characteristics and behavior:

  • Time on Site (Current Session)
  • Number of Visits
  • Visiting Dates
  • Country
  • Scroll Percentage on Page

WP Profit Triggers allows you to create specific audiences (called triggers) based upon one or a number of conditions the visitors’ characteristics/behavior should met.

You can even use multiple if/and/or conditions and advanced operators as “equal to”, “lower than”, “is”, “is not”, “before”, “after”.

So, you can really segment your visitors based on user behavior/characteristics and conditions.

But what can you do with your segmented audiences?

For each trigger audience, you can setup 3 types of actions:

  1. Popups. Show laser-targeted popups if the criteria of your trigger is met.
  2. Retarget. Just add your retargeting pixel code to your created trigger audience (works for all main retargeting advertising platforms as Facebook, Google (AdWords), Perfect Audience etc.)
  3. Redirect to any URL you want. For example redirect 3th time visitors to a new sales page (with discount or other related offer).

Integration with Lead Monster

This plugin seamlessly integrates with – an awesome popup builder that you get for free as part of your purchase.

So, not only can you create gorgeous and high-converting popups, but you have full control over to whom (i.e segmented audience), how and when your popup will show up.

The Lead Monster popup builder has these built-in triggers:

  • On Exit Intend.
  • On Exit popup.
  • By Timed popup
  • InBounce.
  • On Page Load.
  • On Mouseover.
  • Onclick.
  • On Scroll Percentage.

Note: Maybe, it’s a little confusing, but these above mentioned popup triggers are part of Lead Monster to trigger the popup on an individual page. Don’t mix them up with the also called triggers as part of WP Profit Triggers. These are the created combination of “visitors characteristics” as Time on Site, Number of Visits, Current Date, Country, and Scroll Percentage on Page.

So, either you’ll use a segmented audience with WP Profit Trigger and if the criteria are met then the selected action will be performed.

Or you can use Lead Monster to setup a popup on an individual webpage.

Of course, the whole idea of WP Profit Triggers is to show laser-targeted popups based upon (prior) visitors’ behavior.
(By using Lead Monster stand-alone on a single webpage, you don’t take into account prior visitor actions)

Other main features of WP Profit Triggers:

  • Easy to install and use WordPress plugin.
  • Use on 25 Sites (personally owned WordPress sites).
  • Create up to 25 Triggers Per Site.
  • Create Unlimited Actions.
  • 5 Trigger Conditions (Country Of Origin, Time Spent On Site, Scroll % On Page, Current Date, Number of Visits) with advanced segmentation and trigger conditions settings.
  • 3 types of actions: popups, retarget, redirect.
  • Basic stats: number of total visitors and trigger stats.
  • Free Lead Monster popup builder.

Are there any shortcomings?

Usage limitations: The main front-end product can be used on 25 personally owned WordPress sites and you can create up to 25 triggers per site. For most users probably enough. But if you have more sites and/or want to have an unlimited number of triggers per site, you can upgrade as first upsell to the PRO version ($47.00).

If you’ll want to install the plugin on your clients’ sites and want to charge them for your services, as second upsell, you can upgrade with the Developers License ($37.00).

I found no bugs or other major shortcomings. The plugin is easy to use and video tutorials easy to follow

Overall, I really like this plugin.

How would I use WP Profit Triggers?

Here are some ideas:

  • Show exit popup with discount (and Retarget) to visitors who were at least 30 seconds on your sales page and scrolled for 50% or more.
  • Redirect traffic from certain countries to specific offers.
  • Show coupon code or “welcome again message” for 2nd-time visitors.
  • Show opt-in to subscribe to your newsletter, for visitors who at least spent 2 minutes on your site.
  • Show special “PS Message” or CTA to visitors who scrolled down until the end.

You see, there are so many options. Just be creative and take advantage of these new segmentation opportunities.

Why should you buy WP Profit Triggers?

WP Profit Triggers is the simplest and cheapest solution on the market right now to segment your website visitors based upon prior behavior, characteristics and conditioned triggers. All with as ultimate goal to perform a laser-targeted subsequent action specifically for the segmented audience (popup, retargeting campaigns or redirect).

For every different segmented audience, you can now target them with different tailor-made actions. Resulting in higher opt-in rates, conversions, and ROI.

Stop losing money by retargeting bounce visitors (who only spend a few seconds on your site), or showing the wrong ads (not based upon visitors’ behavior).

Hence, WP Profit Trigger is a great plugin and must have tool for any serious Internet Marketer.

Even if you’re only going to use it for your Facebook retargeting segmentation based upon scrolled percentage. (For a more or less similar tool that performs this task (and a bit more), ConnectRetarget, you’ll have to pay $197.00 p/y).

Or if you just want to “grab” the Lead Monster popup builder (prior sold for $32.00 and more).

This brings us to the…


During the special launch, you can buy WP Profit Triggers- 25 Personal Site Usage for a one-time payment of just $17.95.

(You can use the personal usage only license on unlimited WordPress sites you own)

The price goes up during launch and will be increased significantly after the launch ends.

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Upsells and OTOs

There are three upsell. The first upsell is the opportunity to buy the WP Profit Triggers PRO Upgrade ($47.00). Now you can install this plugin on 500 sites (instead of 25) and use unlimited triggers (instead of 25).

As second upsell, you can buy the Developers License Upgrade ($37.00). Now you can install this plugin on your clients’ websites and charge any amount or fee you want. A great way to give your (local) clients extra service.

As third upsell, you can buy the WP Profit Triggers Reseller License ($97.00-$297.00). Now you’re allowed to sell WP Profit Triggers (main front-end plus first OTO) as reseller and keep all the earnings yourself.

(For other great software White Label or Resell opportunities, check out this special page)

My WP Profit Triggers bonus

If you’ll buy through via the links on this page, you get 60 bonus points (80/70/100 extra bonus points for the upsells) which you can change for great WP Plugins, Courses and other information products on Select Your Bonus.

Select Your Bonus is my personal bonus page. Almost daily I add new bonuses. You can use your bonus points whenever you want. They will be valuable forever. So you don’t need to hurry to change them into bonuses. Unused points will be kept in your account (until usage). In the animated image below you can see some of the bonuses that you can select.

Select Your Bonus demo

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Other related products

A great SaaS tool to create behavioral Facebook retargeting custom audiences is ConnectRetarget. With ConnectRetarget you can create custom audiences based upon real actions they took on your webpage as the Time they spend on your Site, How far they scrolled down your page, which Browser Language they use, Page they came from (Referral Source), Number of Visits, Date of Visit, Visiting Device, Number of Sessions, and UTM Campaign data.

So, ConnectRetarget has some extra filters, but the price ($197.00 per year) is significantly higher than WP Profit Triggers. (And WP Profit Triggers has the popup and redirect actions features that ConnectRetarget lacks)

Another great web-based tool primary to create video behavioral Facebook retargeting custom audiences is SproutAudience ($37.00+). Read my review to see all details – SproutAudience lets you both target videos embed on your website and Facebook native videos (inside the newsfeed)!

As WP Profit Triggers is very useful for list building, I also want you to take a look at my review about LeadsFlow Pro. A great WordPress plugin to manage all your leads from one central dashboard with many extra features and benefits.


How do I get my bonuses?
Just send your purchase details to [email protected] and I will activate your bonus points and send your bonuses within 24 hours. Read more about my Policy and FAQ about bonuses.

Instead of your bonuses, can I get a cash rebate?
Yes, follow this link to see how you can get a cash rebate of 12,5% for (almost) all your products (front-end and/or up- and downsells) purchased via my affiliate links.

How to be sure you'll use my affiliate link?
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